I was out walking with my friend the second day in London and we were hungry. I decided to take him to Automat since they have good burgers and amazing Mac&Cheese! When we went there were a few people and we were damn hungry, usually around lunch time this place is packed but we went a little later. Its two streets down from Bond Street and we were munching at each plate they placed in front of us. It was a good meal after the long day we had, but after that meal we had to walk a lot to offset the amount of food we ate so we walked all the way down to Piccadilly Circus and back, which isn’t too much but just enough.








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  1. I I havent had my my breakfast yet, I’m so damn hungry. My mouth is watering, it looks great but I don’t think its enough to satisfy my hunger or anyones.

  2. Nice, thanks man.. I second Muh’d.. it looks really great!

  3. Katie

    I missed my breakfast this morning, hungry!!!! Your food looks really good, yummy!!! :oP

  4. Purgatory72

    where is the mac and cheeese!!! I want to see Mac and cheesse!!!


  5. knafa

    damnnn.. i must find a way to block your food content :)

  6. I thank god everyday that I don’t have internet access at work *yet* so that I don’t get to see ur food posts because I literally starve!

  7. I don’t know!! I think the place looks amazing! But the food wasn’t so inviting! The chips were like frozen chips and the cheese just looked too cheap! I don’t know!! Maybe it’s because I’m married to a chef!!! :P

  8. Beyond Q8iya

    your london posts very helpful.. i start working there nexxt week

  9. Muh’d M. Mansour: lol!

    N: hahaha!

    Katie: it was good for sure!

    Purg: loooooooooool! I will do a MacnCheese only post!! lol!

    knafa: just have it block the tag food! hahaha

    Jacqui: I know what you mean I would be very hungry as well!

    Nora: loooool! It was nice and hot when I had it!

    Beyond Q8iya: Well I’m happy I could be of use! :)

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