Foosball Coffee Table


Everyone at one point or time has played some foosball and this is one of the best looking foosball tables I have ever seen. A combination of stainless steel and solid oak wood underneath the glass top makes for one exquisite looking piece of furniture bound to tempt anyone to a game while sitting in the middle of your living room. With this build quality it can take any abuse you can dish out only for $7600.


Link: UnCrate

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I am going to get an old table, chop down the legs and add a piece of glass on top for the Diwaniya.

  2. Only 7600? Lovely. It looks friggin cool though hehe.

  3. The Table looks good but the legs are ugly imo.

  4. zabo0o6a

    wow that surely lo0ks go0d i’m crazy about this game , back then at work we used to have a babyfo0t that most of the employees used to ditch their work and play along ;Pp

  5. K: loooool! That would work!

    N: exactly!

    eliedh: I think it looks like a turtle!

    zabo0o6a: thats hilarious! I don’t think we would ever have one at our work! lol!

  6. It certainly is a great table! I should know I designed it and I hand build them in my workshop back in England. check out my website:

    As for the price, depending on how strong the dollar is, it only costs $4000 plus shipping

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