Electric Bike


I think this machine was meant to be a joke but some how they made it. Even the idea of an electric motorcycle is something that I find repulsing, and I want to have a sit down with the Yamaha engineer and ask him what he was thinking. The point of motorcycle is to feel the engine rumble and feel the vibrations of the engine to get a feel for the soul of the machine, batteries don’t vibrate!

This machine packs some interesting features, it has a top speed of 19mph and can travel up to 40 miles. It can glow in the dark and has an iPod docking station which may lower the 40 mile range. I think it would be better off living as a toaster.

Link: Crave

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. lol! As we used to call it, “Sekal sha7an from toys r us!” lol.. this is crap!

  2. Sushi

    The new solar bicycle in France sounds more appealing than this 1

  3. N: hahahaha

    Sushi: A tricycle is more appealing then this!

    K: I will get you a Bajaaj to drive over!

  4. Now my daughter has been asking me for a motorbike! The law says she has to be in the minimum age of 12! So as a parent I would rather get her this one rather that the bike she wants that goes about 60km/h! And again Marzouq I’m also happy to see stuff made to save the world instead adding pollution to it!

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