vconvert.png is a website that grabs YouTube videos and converts them to compatible formats for your PSP, mobile phone, iPod, iPhone, and a few other things. Another great feature is that you can serparate the audio from the video and get the audio from a YouTube video in MP3 format. Whats great is that this is online and you don’t need to install anything which is great. Its simple and does a good job with it.

Once you choose your link give it two or three minutes to start converting then it will pop up a download link for the video or audio.

Link: LifeHacker
Link: vConvert

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  1. I use check them out. I’ll give these guys a try! Thanks.

  2. nice walla .. I think am gonna use the Audio only alot ..

  3. progress bar’s been white for quite some time now…

  4. There is also (not so efficient) and youtubevideograbber which is better . . ! Cheers

  5. N: Nice, I will check this out!

    daloom: yup!

    Vagabong: sometimes they hang but I have had better success rate with them!

    Azariath: Nice nice!! I will check them out! lol!

  6. anon

    I don’t know if this is permanent, but it doesn’t seem to be working on any formats ‘xcept .flv

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