Review: Pizza Express


Sometimes I get a craving for some pizza and so we decided to stop by Pizza Express. These days there are quiet a few branches of Pizza Express, I can think of four just off the top of my head (Airport, Bida’a, Avenues, & Dahiat Abdulla Al Salem) and there might be more.

We went into the one in the Avenues and there were a lot of seats to choose from for lunch on a weekday. The staff is friendly and we took our seats, and got the menus. I was very hungry at that point so I was looking through the longs list of choices. They do have a nice selection of salad but I went with the Ceaser Salad and a Cream Chicken Pizza, I tend to the like the white sauce. My friend ordered some meat type pizza and that was something different so I wanted to try it as well.


The timing was pretty good, they brought the salad and then 15 minutes later they brought out the pizzas which were nice and hot. I went through the pizza very quickly as well as getting a bite from my friends pizza, what I love about their pizzas is that they are thin crust and not thick. I really dislike thick pizzas because I’m not enjoying the pizza as much.


Overall I really like Pizza Express since they have good food and good service, its not 100% like the ones in the UK but pretty damn good.





A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Marzouq.. why do you talk about food at this hour! Why! Everyday now! lol! If your blog doesn’t have a “Dispense Pizza” button somewhere, then tone them down please! loool!

  2. Purgatory72

    I like the Pizza at AlDente, best for me in Kuwait, so these pics do not do anything to me, I am IMMUNE ;p

  3. Corolla Man (AE86)

    أحلى شي الشورمة و بطاط وبيديان و فلافل من ملك الطربوش في الديرة عند المباركية هذا ريوقنا في الدوام 10 سندوجات بدينار

  4. 7daa min zimaaaaan i havent been here..

    wrong time to talk about pizza.. im hungry and craving pizza ;p
    i just ordered some tho so ill be happy in a bit..

    hope your fine and having an amazing summer :)

  5. Try their Taglietelie con funghi it’s nice. I really like it :P

  6. That second picture, it has to be a Pollo e Porcini! I think Pizza Express serves better pizza than most of the other pizza outlets but then again most of the other dining outlets are classified as fast-fod restaurants whereas Pizza Express is a casual dining restaurant.

    The outlets in Kuwait look a lot more contemporary than the ones in the UK but that’s all right – as long as they service good pizza!

    Has anyone thought of starting a pizzeria here? A place where you can sample more than one slce of pizza….different slices of pizza? Where you have bar tables and you stand and eat! Now THAT would be cool!

  7. Purgatory72

    Just for info, I ended up at Pizza Express yesterday but did not really enjoy my meal, but it was cooked though.

  8. In picture dsc04098
    Are those Oakley’s Why 8.2?!?!?!
    I just recieved a pair of those =D

  9. N: I just have to! I think I will have to start putting more food pictures up them!

    Purg: loooooool! I will have to do better with the pictures !

    Corolla Man: hahaha! 3ayal khan roo7 embarakiah 3ayal!

    Amo0ora: loool! Still in Kuwait and working!

    Jacqui: I will try that next time!

    BarryUo: I don’t think that really works in Kuwait! People usually want to get full orders and fresh orders for themsevles!

    Purg: Thats odd!

    Berserk: Yup they are Oakleys! I like em!

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  11. salem

    Now they have delivery in jabriya :)

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