UnExpected Disappearance!


This has been one hell of a trip! I didn’t have a chance to sit down or stop to breath! Always running around and doing something which is great. My vacation started around the end of August and I just came back after two and half weeks. And these weeks went by very quickly! I managed to do a lot during my time there but most of it was going out with friends, sports, riding, and a few other activities.

Time Spent:

  • Los Angeles 11%
  • Las Vegas 27%
  • San Francisco/ Bay Area 62%

When I was in the Bay Area I would stay with a friend since I’m there 90% of the time and during the day I would go riding and meet up people for lunch which was fun. I was also doing a lot of paper work for some things that I am working on in the states. I was riding and driving like a demon in the states which had its results.

For the short amount of time that I spent there I got 3 speeding tickets (96 mph, 90 mph, 80+ mph). Two of the cops were nice about it because all they saw was a blur and I was going a lot faster then 96 mph, and one cop was rediculous but like any place with rules you have to know the loop holes to get out of the points from these tickets. I tried going to the movies but I didn’t have enough time. One thing to mention, I managed to go to the Justin Timberlake show in Las Vegas, and as a man I have to admit that his show was nothing short of amazing, that guy can put on a show.

The weather was so nice I was always trying to do things and staying outside, the best part was driving with the top down in the amazing sunny California weather. The amazing feeling of a cold breeze while racing across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to head to our diner for a bite to eat.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Welcome back. post pictures of the bikes!

  2. yay ur back! Missed your butt!

    you didnt tell me about timberlake, i so hate u right now!

    glad ur back, now I can get all the juicy gossip ;p

    lemme go poke mushroom now hahahahah

  3. WB

    you did disappear all of a sudden, but am glad u had a great time :D

    LV : Mystère?
    Stomp out loud?
    3 blue men?


    the best thing about their shows is that they give the concept of creativity on stage a whole new definition

    the works of out door activities is amazing, i lost around 7kg in 10 days just by walking up & down the strip then in LA…. I wish i could keep that life style “use my feet more” but in q8 its not as easy.

  4. Biohazard

    Goddamn it I don’t say this kind of stuff a lot.. I missed you.

    pfft..getting soft, Bio. =(

  5. now i know why you like ridding in Cali because it’s one of the states that allow motorcycles to cut through traffic ^_^
    glad you enjoyed your trip

  6. Corolla Man (AE86)

    عند شورمة في الدوانية إليوم؟ عند ديوان فرانكي الكبير و الصغير أنواع من المشاوي عجيب شكل الربع بحولون

  7. good to know that u enjoyed,, post PICs as a proof of what u said

  8. zahed

    ABNE tara the dewaniyaah has to improve food wise tara for the past 2 weeks ABNE brothers did a great job SHWAERMA, BURGERS,PIZZA and all the good stuff so shape up before they take the carpet away from you SHOOOOMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII By the way did you that indian place i told you about in san fran BAS knew where it was

  9. 7emdellah 3al salama. Alright, will be looking forward to more stories and pictures. I miss the U.S. a lot!

  10. I’m so glad you’re back, we really missed your posts

  11. Mani

    Welcome Back……
    glad to See U again

  12. jewaira

    Welcome back Marzouq
    Sounds like you had a great time.
    And you had to be bad boy getting speeding tickets ha? Made your mark.

  13. Welcome Back Nigssssssss!

    I missed your black tush so mush hehehe seriously! And it seems you passed on your insane work hours to me! :P

  14. 7amdella 3al salamah man…we missed u!

  15. SoS

    Welcome back champ,welcome back! damn! didn’t we all miss ya ?;)

  16. chikapappi: Thank you!!!

    Eshda3wa: alah esalmich! Thanks! It was a nice vacation! :)

    Mark: I have only a few pictures of the bikes! lol!

    ananyah: Thanks! Me too! loooool! go ahead and do what you want with mushroom then!

    Q80-ChillGirl: Thank you! LV we went to Spamalot which is hilarious, JT Concert and a few other things! Creativity is redifined in LV everytime!

    Biohazard: looool! thanks bud! Got a lot to post about! hehehe

    cold0zero: looooool! Everyone hopefully!

    Laialy: yup yup! loooool! Viva Las Vegas! hehehe

    Muh’d M. Mansour: Thanks bud!

    B’s Sanctuary: Thanks, yup JT is damn good in action!

    Corolla Man: The Day has changed!!! lol! And we shall see about the Shawerma!

    vampire: Will be posting pics, lots of it! And we have a lot of riding to catch up on!

    zahed: looooooool! We shall seee!!!!!! lol!

    N: alah esalmik, I can’t blame you it does feel nice!

    pearls: Thanks, got a lot to post about for the time I was gone!

    K: loooool! You will be finding out!

    Mani: Thanks!

    Izgerty: nope, I have bikes there!

    jewaira: Thanks, yes I had a fantastic time! And I was much worse the a bad boy, more like a villan on wheels! lol!

    Jacqui: loool! thanks! Good luck with work, I’m going to get flooded with it and I know it!

    Maze: alah esalmik!

    Swair: alah esalmich!

    Sos: Thanks! lol! It seems I have a lot to make up for!

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