Playing Catch Up!


As I have been away from the internet for the period I was away a lot has piled up, and I mean a lot. I tried doing everything for work but it was really difficult since it was an 11 hour difference. And I was only in front of the PC to look up directions for a place we want to go to or movie times. I missed a lot of posts from the blogs, and I didn’t even have time to put up posts from my time but I will over the next coming weeks. Its just going to take some time for me to get organized and put things up. One thing I got used to was the 6 mb connection my friend had which is really cheap, only 120 KD per year.

So over the next couple of weeks I have family, blogs, Ramadan, work, and a lot of other things to work on. Its going to be interesting seeing how I get into the groove of things again. I need a big white board, and I need to start drawing!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. among the other things you need to do is go riding in this cool weather before it gets hot and dusty again

  2. e walla Pearls, it was amazing yesterday, we didn’t wanna go home at all :)

    Good luck Z!

  3. 200? That’s it? That’s what I get during the day of every day! :/

  4. funny how yours says 203 because my GReader usually would say 100+ when its over a 100

  5. Welcome Back.

    Boy I sure missed my 8Mbps connection back in the States :-(

  6. pearls: that is for sure! I will be riding a lot and around!

    chikapappi: Thanks!

    3baid: loooool!

    Laially: I was a bit surprised that it gave me the exact number as well but at least I got some numbers to check out!

    G-Funk: Thanks! lol! Who doesn’t !

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