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It has been on my mind this past summer, but I have put it aside for one reason or another but at this point I won’t! It has been a very good vacation but I also noticed that I need to go back to the gym. Some of my friends I haven’t seen for months a few I haven’t seen for about a year. One thing is in common with everyone, they have all lost weight and they are feeling good which is great!

I knew that I put on some weight but I didn’t realize how much until I tried putting my old bike gear on to go riding. One thing that was fun was playing American Football every couple of days and riding, it got my blood flowing and for the first few days I losing my breath quickly but later on I got back on pace. I just need to regulate what I eat and when, even if work gets in the way I need to eat a lot less and move more its as simple as that.

The funny part is I ruined their workout schedule and I was the chef while I was there. I managed to cook every other day while I was in the states, except when we were traveling. It was a mix of food between Chinese, Italian, BBQ, and a few random dishes! I was always mixing it up and making people eat, by the time I left almost everyone put on weight!

I have reached the highest I have ever been at this point and I need to drop it, I’m at 231 lbs/105 Kgs and I want to drop down to 177lbs/80Kgs. That would be perfect for me and I want to get my endurance back up. With Ramadan and other events coming up I have to figure this out, I know that I’m going to do it for sure.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Mashallah! 105 Ks! No way!! I think guys lose weight faster than us.. You’ll manage I guess…

    Either go back to the gym as you said – maintaining regular eating habit aw roo7 emshi ..

  2. Q8y Swimmer

    you r talking about 25 kgs … Gym, diting & being real by giving it some time should do the job … Good Luck

  3. The best way to boost endurance is jogging for a lengthy period of time. Good luck :)

  4. If only you had neighbors that wanted to go running because they have gained a shitload of weight over the past year…

  5. Weightloss yoga is my exercise of choice. Turn the AC off to sweat even more.

    I also love the elliptical machine, you could really feel it working your muscles.

    Goood luck! :)

  6. It is the US I tell you!

  7. good luck … I know how hard it is to loose weight but inshalla it will be easy for you
    happy ramadan

  8. hey welcome back :).
    About weight reduction
    70% is diet, 30% is working out and but you can’t omit the 30%.
    Eat 6 times a day but in smaller quantities, basically eat something small every 2 hours, that way your metabolism stays high and your body doesn’t store fat because it knows that the next meal is coming soon. Drink a cup of coffee in the morning (not more), caffeine accelerates metabolism, drink green tea (works wonders, also 1 cup a day), eat carbohydrates last time no later than 4:30 pm or so, work out from 5 till like 6, mainly running,and cycling with just a bit of weight training, finish it off at night with protein(meat) at veggies.And no food at least 3 hours before bed.
    You will start seeing a difference in 3 weeks.

    On another subject: Download The anime called Monster, I just finished it yesterday (74 episodes) its the best Anime that I ever seen.

  9. I’m glad that you got them to all gain weight :P Then you didn’t feel all alone :P

    And I agree everyone I see after a while has lost weight and I seem to have gained their lost weight, it’s weird it’s like karma :s

  10. Exactly same thing I’m feeling right now everyone I know has lost a lot of weight while I basically stayed the same I’m gonna start working out tomorrow and start charting my progress on an excel sheet and see what works and what doesn’t good luck :)

  11. chikapappi: loool! Yup 105 KG! hehehe! I don’t know about faster but we have a lot more weight to drop thats for sure! I will be going back to the gym as soon as my schedule levels out!

    Q8y Swimmer: Thanks, Yeah I think it will take a little time but if I stick to it I will drop it inshalla!

    3baid: Thats why I’m going to get on the Elyptical!

    K: I agree, if only I had that neighbor as well!

    Chirp: I can’t do that! I really cant just sit still and just do stretching moves! I need to do alittle more! lol!

    dishevelled: Thanks for the vote of confidence!

    Missy: Inshalla, I have something locked in my head at this point! lol!

    N: yup it is, everyone I know goes to the gym! expcept when I ruin their schedule!

    Laialy: Thanks! I hope it will be easier then I think!

    kodder: Thank you very much for the break down. That does help and I will try taking some of the tips you mentioned but it will have be modified due to Ramadan, somehow it will work out!

    Jacqui: lol! yup, got them all to gain weight! What Karma and why weight! lol!

    TAT: That is a good idea, I might chart things out as well! That will help figure things out!

  12. goodluck

    it aint easy bs inshallah ull be able to do it

  13. I think you should check out ur BMI, im sure u know it also depends on ur height etc etc..
    and what I know from dieting is the thing that doesn’t work is skipping meals, cuz ur
    metabolism goes down therefore doesn’t burn anything, so eat 4-5 small meals a day. Oh
    and green tea really burns calories, it’s really good. My trainer also tells me to eat nuts
    within 30 min after a workout (raw ones) because the protein in them helps repair muscles faster, and keeps ur metabolism going for longer. I could go on all day lol. Eeeeh and drink
    plenty of milk, cuz studies show that those who are on diets and drink milk lose weight 30%
    faster than those who don’t drink milk. btw 105 isn’t a lot you just have to be consistent.
    Good luck :D

  14. eshda3wa: Thanks!

    Vixen: looool! That is a lot to cover in one go! The thing is 105 is not what I want to be so I’m going to drop it!

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