Apple Requests!


Towards the end of my trip I was getting all the requests for things that people wanted. I was more then happy to get what people wanted but I got a sudden flood of Apple Products and I didn’t even know some of them.

Some people asked me for the iPod Touch, and some asked me for the iPod Nano. I told them whats the touch, and I told the other person you can get the Nano in Kuwait whats so special about the one in the states. And in both replies I felt like I insulted them by not keeping up with the latest products released by Appl, and when I looked at it I was surprised how many new products Apple came up with and the Apple iPod Touch does look really really cool. The Nano has been redesigned and looks great.


I was riding and driving in Palo Alto a lot since it was close to one of my friend’s work. I decided to pass by that Apple Store, its turns out the iPod Touch won’t come out until October from what the sales person told me but the new Nano was there and it looks great.


After I was done this is the list of Gifts/Items I picked up:

  • 1 MacBook 2.16 Ghz
  • 3 iPod Nanos (Red, Black, and White)

I tried getting the iPhone but the Sales person told me I have to have an AT&T contract but it turns out the sales person was wrong or he misunderstood my question so I didn’t pick any up. One thing is for sure the new iPhones are really the new “IT” thing for everyone.


Apple has done a great job making buying an Apple a unique experience, all the details were taken care of where we were standing from a hand held device. There was no register and we didn’t have to go to a counter. He brought the items out and slid my card, and then brought me the receipt and thats it. I was out the door, one day I shall buy an Apple for myself, I just don’t know when.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. oh thats the same one i’m ordering soon. the red nano :)

  2. You Finally decided to stop by an apple store :-) Congrats .. Glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed the experiance .

    Was any of the items you picked for you ? The MacBook i persume ?

  3. kewl store n___n tho the one in ny is def. the best!!

  4. Someone is abusing a gift aren’t they? :P I believe the person who asked for the Red Nano should charge you extra for taking photographs LOL :P

    But you do know I love you even if you are Apple-illiterate :P hehehe

    It looks hot! I can’t wait for the Touch!

  5. it looks like a squished chubby lil thing hehe

    i dont think il be getting the new nano, id rather get the ipod touch and stick with the nano i got in april hehehe

  6. nani but don’t you agree that it looks extra hot?! I mean seriously!

  7. Tedious

    In your hand, the 3rd Generation nano looks like a bar of hotel soap.

  8. I didnt know ur back already… missed put on some of your new posts.. welcome back and embarak 3alaik eshahar :-)

  9. Moey: Its very very cool!!

    G-Funk: I have been to a lot of Apple Stores, but I never bought something for myself! The MacBook was for somebody, so nothing that I bought was for myself! lol!

    Vixen: The one in NY is the best for sure! I have pictures of that one too, I was there during the opening in 2006

    Jacqui: lol! hahaha! I like Apples, but don’t know all of them! lol!

    Ananyah: I think the Touch would be better for you!

    Laialy: lol!

    Jacqui: hahahaha, you have to plead your case!

    Tedious: Its too small to even be a bar of soap!

    ananyah: lol!

    Ansam: Thanks! 3alaina o 3alaich! I just made a few posts since I got back!

  10. Nano looks like a biscuit. *drool..*

  11. I’ll gladly (try to) do so.. :p Maybe some chocolate spread would help.

  12. N: Yup pretty nice!

    Missy: looooool!

    N: Not this one! hahahaha

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