Driving Up


I’m the type of guys that really likes to drive and ride to where I’m going to. So I had this road trip planned from the beginning of the vacation.


I had it planned out to be in LA for a few days to visit some family and relax for a bit. Then I just rented a car and drove up from LA to the Bay Area which is about 368 miles and mostly on Highway 5. There are three ways to go, Highway 1 which is the coastal drive and very scenic, highway 101 which is close to all the cities, and Highway 5 which is the superhighway. I was looking to enjoy the big sweeping highway so I decided to take Highway 5 up.


I packed the car with my bags, and I burned my mp3 CD since the car’s stereo could read Mp3s CDs. I had a bite to eat before leaving, and I had a few bottles of water in the car. The best thing was the amazing weather, sunny and cool which couldn’t be better for a drive. I just put the windows down and opened the sunroof with the music blaring as I was driving. As soon as I was on the open stretch on the 5 after the Grapevine I put the car into its paces and took off. There are long stretches of road where you can look for cops. A suprise I had was the discovery of a built-in radar detector, and it was the Valentine 1 which is an amazing radar detector.



I made it up north on two tanks, one in the beginning and one towards the end. It took about 3 hours and 50 minutes which isn’t too bad and I wasn’t going to fast. The fastest I have ever done it was in 3 hours a couple of years ago. One of the most enjoyable roads for me is the 152 which connects between the 5 and the 101. It is a curvy elevated highway with great sweeping curves next to a resevoir, just right to test the traction of a car. As soon as I got my friends apartment I found people already on the BBQ, and a lot of people were there. It was a fun drive and a great night, I was jumping and hugging people left and right. As soon as that was done, we all got down to business I showed them who was still the King of Halo!






A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. 3 hours!!!!!!!!!
    isn’t that drive like 5 hours!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The Four Seasons is a nice place..But next time your in town, try the Peninsula Hotel, which is my fav, or W Hotel in Westwood if your looking for something young, hip and modern..

    Besides that, sweeet ride dude :)

  3. Glad u enjoyed it. It sounds wonderful. I wish I could have a drive like that on a never-ending road.

  4. Man I get busy for 3 days and come back to my PC to find out you have posted 100 posts! :P

    Well I’m glad you enjoyed your trip! Had some fun and got a good sleep on the plain! I know how it feels when you went to check the Apple Products! I get to those situations every time visiting Finland and going to check what’s new with Nokia! I won’t dare to ask though what’s the difference between something I have seen in Cyprus and something that’s there! They will kill me if I do! :P I’m not a big fan of JT, but I could imagine the lose of hearing for days after his concert! :D

    Well after all I’m glad you’re back! I missed your posts, but as long as you have had a good time I don’t mind missing you! :)

    Ps; Good luck with the weight watching! ;)

  5. Never been to LA.. well to San Fransisco for a show, but that was it. Bummer, now I wish I had gone there and had more fun!

    Built in Radar? lol! They spared you the trouble! :p

  6. Jacqui: yup! lol

    Chikapappi: Very good!

    shoosha: loool! Go to La

    Laialy: yup! hehehe! I know the roads really really well! And I know every police stop as well!

    LA-411: I have stayed at the Peninsula and it isn’t what it used to be. The W Hotel is young and hip but not the level of service given by the Four Seasons! And thanks!

    Missy: Its just so much fun to drive on the open road like that!

    Nora: loooool! Thanks, I was just gone for a bit and I needed the break. With the weight watching I need to get on top of it!

    vampire: looooool! You guys didn’t know where to cut onto the 101! lol!

    N: You should go again, they are both fantastic cities! Yup the built in radar did some good for sure!

  7. I’ve always wanted to visit LA while I’m touring the US, its one of my favorite cities also San Fransisco, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Philadelphia.

  8. Muh’d M. Mansour: Its worth a visit for sure!!!

    Ananyah: Yup!

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