The iPhone


There has been a huge amount of hype regarding the iPhone, and a lot of people are trying their best to do everything possible to unlock the iPhone. I think the iPhone is a great Apple product with great features, but not to be used as a phone. While in the states I burrowed my friend’s iPhone for about a week to try it out and see what all the noise was about.

What I liked:

  • Google Maps is fantastic when looking up places, finding address’s and information, checking locations. Perfect integration with Google maps.
  • The camera takes really nice pictures and presents them clearly.
  • The Tilt feature works great
  • The OS is very smooth without any hitches.
  • Music organization is great just like any iPod
  • Stock Market, Weather, and Calendar work great.

What I didn’t like:

  • Trying to type out the numbers when your doing any other task is very difficult.
  • The touch pad for sms’s works great but only when you are looking directly at the screen.
  • If you have more then 40 numbers stored on your phone good luck finding it, it isn’t the easiest to go through even though each contact is presented nicely
  • Web surfing is a bit slow sine it doesn’t have 3G

I think its a great product and a step in a different direction, but it isn’t the best phone. If you like Apple Products then you will love this piece but it isn’t for everyone.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. You know what they need to add to it though? A nice sliding out Qwerty Keyboard… Check out the Samsung F700 looks hot!

  2. Here we go again :-)

    You have to bash every other apple product that’s out there ? Just admit it . You liked it but you cannot say it :-)

    Since its the 1st gen iPhone , There’s a lot for them to add into it . But for their first time Phone , It is way ahead of any other phone that is out there , It serves its purpose perfectly and does a great job at it . Not having 3G is because it is geared towards the US market. They will announce the Euro version of the Phone some time next week or later . So 3G will be added to the phone soon.

    In my humble opinion , I think that the iPhone is the best phone in the market (Despite me being a mac user or an apple product fan) . Honestly , It’s the best and nothing comes close !! Nuff said

  3. it’s esthetically pleasing in a way … i wouldn’t mind one :p

  4. It is cool, but still I wouldn’t get it, I don’t usually upgrade gadgets quickly, so I’ll get the second or third generation and stick with it till I get bored. I’m actually waiting for the K850i Ericsson, yawch!

  5. Jacqui: I don’t think a Qwerty Keyboard would fit the Apple look, the way it is it looks great.

    G-Funk: lol! I’m not bashing anything I’m just saying the product isn’t the best phone but it does a lot of things to make up for it, but those features we can’t really use the best of them in Kuwait. I’m looking forward to seeing the next itteration of this phone because it is a good product but not a the best phone.

    Laialy: I think you would like it!

    N: I agree with you! I want to see the K850i and W960! They are monsters!

  6. Marzouq:

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