The Game Line-Up


While I was in the states I always pick up a few games from Electronics Boutique/Gamestop. The best part is that the prices of the games drop over time. I haven’t bought that many games in Kuwait since all the games cost $78 (22KD) and they don’t drop in price. In the states I always ask for used games and check if they work before buying them so it comes out to be reasonably priced. The best part is trading in the games that I wasn’t really playing then I get credit to buy other games and so you don’t spend that much. In Kuwait that doesn’t work since people aren’t used to the concept of buying used games, and if they want cheap they go to the copied games.

The first game I want to play and finish is the Transformers, then I start the other games since the consume more time.


  • BioShock $59 (New)
  • Dynasty Warriors Gundam $55 (New)
  • Crackdown $30 (Used)
  • Shadow Run $35 (Used)
  • Transformer: The Game $55 (Used)


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  1. You want discount bil kuwait? Take me with you to GameCenter up in Ri7ab. There’s a guy there that as soon as he sees my face gets this weird expression on his face & starts discounting, I still dunno why. I think I remind him of someone. I’m not complaining since I and my nephews get to pay only 18 KD for my RPGs and their tactics games lol

  2. I heard amazing things about BIOSHOCK

  3. Yea!! Xbox 360 o bess.. tell me how do you find Transformers is it any good?

  4. In the words of so-and-so, “Suh-weet!!”

  5. Frankom: loool! Some new games drop in price right away if there isn’t a huge demand!

    Missy: looooooooooool! Now thats funny, the guy is intimidated by you!

    amer: Thats what I keep hearing too!

    Wer3y: If you love the movie you will love the game! Its just fun controlling these robots, but the gameplay is simple and entertaining nothing too complex!

    N: looool!

  6. Carlsb3rg

    Hmm.. 22KD? You definitely can discount it down to 18KD especially for a game that’s been around for a while. For new games you can pick them up for 20KD.

    Transformers the game? dude have u been living under a rock or something? The game got like the worst ratings ever on the 360. Even for a Transformers fan, this game really sucks!

  7. The only thing i heard about Gundam was the PS3 version and they said it sucked big time, which is bad cos i like gundam … do u have any impressions on it yet ?

  8. Carlsb3rg: That does sound like its a better price but still cheaper from the states! The reason I got Transformers is that I’m a huge fan and I can’t help it!

    lebinbah: I tried and its pretty fun but also a bit dissapointing. I expected it to be better then that. I will try it completely and put up a review on it.

  9. Intimidated by me? *raising one eyebrow* Boy, u sure make me sound like a monster!!!!!! >:[ I’m as nicest as they come u goose! Maybe he has a crush on me *smile*

  10. Missy: loooool! Ok that maybe, I’m not sure.. let me go ask him! Ur no monster but your no puppy! loool!

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