Quad Shelves


This a unique design of shelves made to fit books, DVDs, CDs, and storage units. Different sized cubes to meet your needs, and with its asymmetrical design you can join two of these shelves to look like one and expand your storage space. I think its great and I wouldn’t mind having one except that it is a bit over priced, running at $2000.

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  1. a bit overpriced? $2000 is NUTS for just wood hehehe

    I say, by the wood urself, hire a carpenter and voila.. steal the design ;p

  2. oooh
    i loe love love it!

    abe 1

    sure its over priced
    bs since im not paying
    who cares! :pp

  3. yeah i saw thin on another Furniture blog
    and i agree with Ananyah

  4. Eddy

    imagine if it came flat packed like the furniture at ikea….would be a bitch to assemble…:)

  5. It hurts the eye just looking at it for some reason.

  6. Ananyah: Yeah it is an idea but still its not so easy! Pretty damn complex!

    eshda3wa: looooooooooool! So who is paying! It is nice for sure!

    Laialy: loool… off to shuweikh!

    Eddy: looool!

    N: hahahaha! Try figuring out the angles, that is what I was doing!

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