Ramadan Traffic


There is something about these guys just parking and on the side of the road and causing traffic. I really don’t understand why they do this, and how come its a Ramadan ritual. The police used to do checks to see if some of the kids who are standing there don’t have licenses other then that they can’t do anything. The sad part is even when the police are on the road the quads and off-road motorcycles are riding past them with their machines pointing to the sky.

As I am taking pictures there are some guys that notice and they did the funniest things, I just couldn’t help but laugh. I don’t understand why they just chill there every Ramadan, and it causes traffic every time.





























A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. the chilled out guys,, lmao

    i’d like to shoot those bikers for the loud noise,, grenades will be my best choice

  2. moocherx

    looks like they’re all cruising for gay sex.

    it’s the only reasonable explanation, judging by the look of them.

  3. looooool!! Why are they there? Just hangin out or what?

  4. Biohazard

    That guy posing is an assclown. =)

  5. zahed

    i remember when you did that zoooki hahahahahahaha

  6. that guy posing is an idiot! Seriously, ew!

    & why are you taking pics of young men zouk? pervert ;p

    but yah, the traffic is annoying!

    Get an air gun and whoop their asses!

  7. DayDreamer

    I still don’t understand what these guys are doing.

    Seriously, what’s so interesting about hanging out at the side of the road!

  8. Arrest them, tie them up in a room and make them watch 24 hours of uninterrupted “Halima Poland” shows.

    That will reform them.

  9. Some people have way too much free time on their hands. Ma ligow ila yogfoon ib nis ishari3? Mafi diwaniya or someplace for them to go?

  10. LooooooooooooooooooL
    ok now thats hilarious
    They sure got a sense of humor hehehe

  11. Im glad I work at the opposite end of Kuwait that way I don’t have to deal with much traffic, I actually get to work 10 minutes earlier than I usually did and that makes me almost half an hour early!

  12. Yes its in Mishref. we used to put chairs outside the house and watch them !

    بس من عقب ما واحد راعي وانيت طق الرصيف وهو مسرع بعد ما تفاجأ في بانشي جدامه وجبل علينا….حرمنا نقعد بره

    And the police have No right to tell them to go away !

  13. Carlsb3rg

    errmm mamsha Mishref.. women walking.. I think it’s pretty obvious why they gather there. Unless they are looking for gay sex like someone mentioned.

  14. so’al ..
    where were u? bil sa6i7?=]

    LOOOOOOL @ picture #21

  15. vampire: I know exactly what you mean, chilling out like that is just overdone!

    moocherx: loooool!

    N: I have no clue, and I wouldn’t bother to ask them!

    Biohazard: to say the least!

    zahed: ba6een chabdy!

    ananyah: i wouldn’t shoot them with a gun, they would invade the house! lol!

    DayDreamer: I have no clue, they do this everyday, every Ramadaan.

    amer: That is just inhumane! lol!

    Nora: Because the police would get beat up by them!

    Morbid: They have more free time then anyone really! I think they have places to go but they prefer sitting on the road during this period.

    3baid: to say the least.

    Laialy: To say the least, but they are causing traffic so its annoying.

    Jacqui: This is just cruising traffic just before futoor. Work traffic is almost nothing these days its always only later night traffic is huge.

    Razz: Yup

    Laziale: If they are being annoying the police do have a right to tell them to go away, there is no cruising laws in certain places and these guys are cruising. 7amdilla nothing happened from that Pick Up Truck

    Carlsb3rg: The funny part is that they are looking in that direction

    Very.Q8ya: yup bil sa6e7! lol

  16. Noor

    Oo laysh em9awer our palm trees? :P ur my next door neighbour

  17. Noor: and very nice palm trees they are! looool!

  18. Noor

    Is your drivers name peeso?

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