Famous People


These are the people that I have met during my trip mostly in LA and LV

  • Toby Maguire
    • At the Four Seasons, he is very much full of himself and a complete asshole.
  • Morgan Freeman
    • At te Four Seasons, very approachable and very nice.
  • Shawn Waynes
    • The Manadalay, very funny guy to talk to.
  • Redman
    • The Mandalay, really chill guy and we talked to him for a while at the lobby.
  • Tim Duncan
    • The Mandalay, really nice guy and he is so tall I only reach his waist line.
  • Mark Curry
    •  Stand Up Comedy, he is hilarious and great fun to talk to.
    • Jessica Alba
      • She is just as hot in real life as she is in the pictures and she is nice to talk to.

    Most of these people are approachable and nice to talk to when you walk up to them. Very few are mean, but every once in a while you get somebody like that and Toby Maguire is one of them, I have seen him twice, once a couple of years ago and once on this trip and both times he was a complete jackass about it.

    A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


    1. Yeah some people are like that. So, did you get Jessica’s number? Did you ask her if she has sisters? cousins?

    2. Did you have the urge to give jessica alba a hug?

      I saw Ron Jeremy at a restaurant in LA in 06, he’s so nasty looking.
      I also saw John Mayer in Skybar in LA, he was very friendly, actually apologized for bumping into me. Saw Mischa Barton at the Grove, shes very skinny and doesn’t stand up str8, and very quiet.

    3. “Spiderman” is a jackass LOL i know it!

      and i’m asking the same question as Chikapappi ;p

    4. Lucky You.

      The last celebrity person I met in Denver was Jason Alexander. But OMG I cannot believe you met Jessica…I’m soooooo gonna watch her new movie this weekend.

    5. MEANBOY

      What, No Angelina Jolie? :P Man I’d die if i came across Ms.Jolie!

    6. Biohazard

      But Toby seems so nice.. :(

      Uncle Ben died too soon.. :(

    7. Really?? Toby Maguire? He looks like a really down to earth guy! What did he do to piss u off?

    8. :S ….. u met al those … and jessica ….. interesting *continues to load his sniper rifle*

    9. Carlsb3rg

      You met Jessica Alba? :O

      I hate you :(

    10. LetmeGo

      damn! jessica alba,my dream gurl! :) where are the pics dude ?

    11. Neat, I don’t think I would approach a celebrity, IF I ever saw one

    12. Wait you met Alba! So your dream came true!

    13. I saw toby last time i was in the states
      and ur right hes a total ass!

      and u met ALBA! i love her!!

    14. Jessica Alba !!!…..i hate u…:p

    15. N: I wish I did, but I don’t think I have those capabilities! I asked her if she has any friends as hot as her!

      Chirp: yes and more!!

      Chikapappi: the only pics I have are with Morgan Freeman and Mark Curry! With her I didn’t have a camera on me at the time!

      Swair: loool!

      Angelo: She is hawt and nice as hell!

      MEANBOY: nope, I have no clue where that women goes!

      Biohazard: He is a complete jackass and full of himself!

      The Lady Says: We asked him to take a picture with him, and my young cousins were with me (12, and 14). He said “No, leave me alone”. Even after he saw the kids he had a dirty look on his face so at that point I started the bastard down, and I knew I could beat him up at that point!

      lebinbah: yup *Puts on helmet and bullet proof jacket*

      Carlsb3rg: lol! Hate on!

      LetmeGo: I don’t have of her I have of a few others, the problem is that I’m in them! lol!

      Laialy: I would go straight to them without an issue!

      Jacqui: hell yeah, but need time with her! lol!

      eshda3wa: yes, complete ass! Jessica Alba is amazingly nice!

      MAZE: Hate on!!! lol

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