Halo Suit


I love Halo since it reinvented the First Person Shooter genre, and they created a huge following for Halo. It is the game that made the Xbox successful. So I am huge fan of the Master Chief, and this person made an extremely detailed real life version of the suit. It is a functional suit, not one of those cheap versions, but its insane how much it is going for at this point. There are 39 bids and its at $21’149.00.

Its insane, but its one hell of a suit.

Read the Q&A on the Ebay listing its hilairous:

Q: How might having this suit impact my social status? Sep-20-07

A: Vastly improve your standing.Q: if you are in the suit and somebody shoots it will it go through? Sep-20-07

A: yes, and you’ll be dead.

Link: Boing Boing

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  1. Biohazard

    Getting dressed/undressed must take at least 30 minutes with that..so no Halo fantasy night, eh?

  2. Razz: Who wouldn’t!

    Amu: yup!

    Swair: hehehe

    Sin: I agree with you 100%! I want the damn suit now!!! In Kuwait they would attack you!

    Biohazard: We will be playing Halo for sure, but I need to get people on board!

  3. Biohazard

    You so missed the sexual innuendo..

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