Halo 3: Legendary Edition – The UnBoxing


I was contacted earlier in the day telling me that Halo 3 was available in Kuwait, and I thought that was fine until I was notified that the gentlemen had limited amounts of Halo 3 the Legendary Edition. The regular one was for 20 KD, the special edition was for 25KD, and the Legendary Edition was for 80KD. I asked the man for his cost of getting the Legendary Edition into Kuwait and he said it was 59 KD and that is what I estimated it at. So I went ahead and got the Legendary Edition and I am more then happy about my purchase, I will play no other game for next couple of weeks until I finish it on every level and play multi-player with everybody and beat them at it. Oh and the release date was the 25 th of September and we got it early, Christmas came early this time!

















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  1. Nonaw

    sweet mother of all consoles!!

    you are… ONE LUCKY MOFO! [email protected]

    ENJOY DUDE! [ i bet you will BWAHAHAH ]

    nice packaging, loved the helmet

  2. dude u are so so so lucky !!!!!

  3. Mo Hat

    80KD!? Shit that’s double the price…

  4. Carlsb3rg

    Can you wear that spartan helmet? would be cool for your bike ;p

    Though I hate the box that holds the dvds.. looks like a toaster ;p

  5. Mabrook! Too bad can’t go riding with that helmet hahah!

  6. Nonaw: looool! I know what you mean, I was surprised they had it! I had to get it! I will be playing it as much as humanely possible!

    Razz: Get it! Its worth it!

    Mo Hat: I know! But I’m one happy Halo 3 player!!!

    Carlsb3rg: I wish I could wear the helmet but I can’t! looool! That box is fine!

    N: Alah ebarik ib 7ayatik! Now riding with that would be really cool! I must figure out something for sure!

  7. Mo Hat

    Marzouq get a cat and put the helmet on. ;)

    I’ll see you in this game in Dec. when I get the legendary for half what you paid! :D

  8. fadibou

    what is your gamer tag.

    we need to get ready for late night fights sooon.

  9. Mo Hat: loooooool! I don’t do cats! hahahaha! Why Dec, just get the normal game now!

    fadibou: My gamertag is ZDistrict and I’m down for the fights!!!

  10. Hahahaha Congrats the st looks awesome :)

    Dude i wanna ask you about something … where do you buy your anime from ? i have been wanting to purchase some original copies of a couple of my favourite shows, but i can’t find them on amazon …. i use aramex shop & ship thanks.

    PS: if it is not too much trouble can you e-mail me the links to [email protected]

  11. Fhaid

    Oh congrats!! i just got my normal edition today, didn’t play it yet tho.
    i’m waiting for my 360 to break down any minute now, it’s been giving that god damn ring of death for days now, when it dies, i might get the halo 360, looks really good.

  12. lebinbah: Thanks! I don’t buy anime except from Amazon, but 90% I download from torrents. No special site that I download from!

    Fhaid: Thanks! It just gives you the ring for no reason? Thats really strange! Try getting the Elite version, I prefer the HDMI connection to the Component Video!

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