Laptop or Desktop?


This question has always been going around and I always look at what people purchase. Recently a lot of the laptops have become more powerful so they use their laptops as desktop replacements. Personally I prefer a desktop for home and laptop for mobility so I have both, but some people have one and stick to it.


The good part about these new laptops is that you can pretty much do anything on them without any issues, and they can handle what you throw at them. The advantage of a desktop is that you can upgrade parts cheaply and it will become powerful with just a few different parts. Also prices for both types of machines have dropped a lot recently and you can get a powerful machine for a low price.

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  1. Mansour

    MAN, just in the right time :D
    i’ve thinking about buying new machine, and decided to get desktop
    im thinking of 2.6 dual core 2, 4G ram, 320 or 500GB capacity,

    give me ur recommended specifications buddy

  2. I have a laptop and stick to it since i don’t have room for a desktop lol but i’m thinking of getting a desk to do my teacher stuff on and get an iMac to put on the desk and use for my art mainly…

  3. I guess you are right with having both for options bas I’d rather have one, the laptop for mobility & easy installation n’ stuff

  4. i prefer my laptop
    then again i really dont do much with it
    but it sure looks pretty :p

  5. to me the laptop is just an extension of your desktop, if I had to choose one I’ll go with desktop.

    Even though the laptops these days are stated to be powerful enough to be desktop replacement they are not. like you said you can upgrade a desktop and customize it yourself nothing beats creating one from scratch and you build it yourself. But that feeling of accomplishment is lost with laptops.

    I just sync my files that I’m working on on both, and when I’m out and feel like it I get my laptop on and work on them, when I’m back I finish up on the desktop. Like I said its just an extension. Btw you need to back up your important files I cant stress that enough better yet clone your installation at least monthly “P

  6. Myself. I prefer both. I have both , Each machine (or shall i say Machines) has its on duty and purpose to surve for me . So I cannot live without having both. (May I add “MACS” Only Please ) :-D

  7. my combo is a mac laptop and a pc at home, I’m loving it I don’t think I will ever change that setup.

  8. Mansour: if your going for desktop which brand are you going for? Also I would recommend the 1 TB Hitachi Drive and getting a graphics card the nVidia 8800 GTX 768mb.

    Swair: So you have a laptop and want a desktop!

    chikapappi: Installation is easy on both but I do agree if its mobility then the laptop is king!

    eshda3wa: looooooool! Pretty i s factor!

    Laialy: yup, I would rather have an ok desktop and a good laptop to get things going!

    TAT: I know what you mean, the feeling of accomplishment is completely lost, the best part is tinkering with your desktop! I do back it up, and I move it to my NAS which is setup to with stand a hardware failure it can be worked out.

    G-Funk: looool! I know what you mean about having both and multiple machines! And you can have your Apples! lol!

    N: I have work laptop, my alienware laptop, and one alienware cube desktop, and two other desktops I built. I’m using a combination of a KVM and hard wiring of graphics cards to do the dual screens and get things working! Its insane!

  9. Insane! Of course its insane! But I bet it feels GODLY haha! I can just imagine the dark room, the reflection of the screen on the glasses, and two hands going at two different keyboards frantically, with a slight evil anime-aic grin. hahah, ok I’ve gone a little overboard here!

  10. N: hahahahaha! You know that feeling! Total system control, going from one machine to the other for different tasks and pushing that machine to its limit!!! Then going to the one that is free and available! Makes multi-tasking simple!

  11. Unless you need to do intensive work like gaming or video encoding/editing, get a laptopp. The most used app will probably be the web browser so it’ll be fine. Upgrading a desktop is not as cheap as you may think because by the time you feel that you need an upgrade, the entire system becomes obsolete.

    Lets say you want to replace the graphics card in a few years. You’ll probably need a faster motherboard which supports it (PCI, PCI express, SLI, AGP etc..). A faster motherboard means a new processor or even a new processor family (Core 2 Duo, Quad Core, Core 2 Extreme, etc…) . That also means you won’t get much improvement if you’re using old RAM modules (say 667MHz compared to 800 MHz on the new front side bus).

    In short, upgrading doesn’t really do much unless you change the whole system.

  12. 3baid: That is true, and I agree with you! But its just so satisfying when you are building your own machine and coming up with the perfect combination for your use!

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