Review: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip


I have been watching this show throughout the summer, and I only managed to finish it at this point. Its a drama about a comedy show in Los Angeles called Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and it is located on Sunset Set Blvd. Mathew Perry is one of the leading actors, and he is acting as the head writer of Studio 60 due to some circumstances. It is a dark comedy about this show, and there are lots of interesting characters in it and lots of stories between them. Each episode is a story of them trying to get through the week and the stories they are putting up for the show airing every Friday, it is just like Saturday Night Live where they make cameos and new stories every week for the shows. So there is that part of it as well as the theme that carries over and all the chemistry at Studio 60 between certain people. Amanda Peet is president of NBS on the show and she got the new executive producers for the show who are Mathew Perry and Bradely Whitford, and things just went from there. D.L Hughley was also part of the show and I was impressed with his character and what he added to the show, it really was a five star cast with a great story.


The show was dropped by NBC even though I think it was an extremely good show and I was afraid the ending would be horrible and unsatisfying, and leave me hanging wanting for more but there won’t be. The ending satisfied most of my curiosity and I was happy about it, but I still want more since I really did love all the characters and there was a certain level of quality to it. A good show gets you attached to the characters, and I got attached some of these characters. Even though it ended I think everyone should watch it.




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  1. I never got into this show, I’d rather watch Joey then serious Chandler :p

  2. Laialy: I loved this show, and I do enjoy Joey!


    I’m currently watching the show and it’s good but what bothers me is that it’s kinda slow-paced, I really liked the “West coust delay” Episode.

  4. MEANBOY: I think the pace is perfect for this kind of show because you really get to see the characters and I love it!

  5. I may have rushed into judgment, I’ve only seen like 9 episodes. That’s not even half the episodes. Maybe the pace will pick up.

  6. i was SO dissapointed when they dropped it
    it was so good, not just haha stupid funny, it actually held meanings and made u think

    stupid STUPID nbc people!

  7. i luuurve studio 6o! i really thought it would be one of the shows that would stsy on for long.. it was really smart and stuff.

    real bummer they canceled it =/

  8. It started off as something but ended up something else though that’s what I didn’t like but in the end it’s cool.

  9. 5 stars, nice.. I’d love to watch it, but I started watching One Piece! That is NEVER gonna finish, and God knows when I’m going to catch up! lol!

  10. MEANBOY: The pace will pick up, and the best part is they are only building all the items on top of it!

    eshda3wa: Exactly, it really made you think! It was deep and had that hearfelt comedy to it! Yes NBC is stupid!

    MishMisha: It was annoying they canceled it, I want to woop them for it!

    Jacqui: I liked how it went that way! It really developed as real life!

    N: I know what you mean, I can’t catch up with all the shows I have!! Its insane!

  11. Fhaid

    Hey, i haven’t seen this show, cause it was canceled, If you want a really really really really really good show, go with 30 Rock, That show made my week. Seriously, deserves every award it received! so i think you should definitely check it out!

  12. Fhaid: I will check it out for sure!! Thanks!

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