I-Mate SP5 – Dead


For work I use a second line because I don’t like giving out my personnel number since some of these people would call at the oddest of times. So for work I got an I-Mate so I can sync it with Outlook and I would keep charging from that USB connection. And so I have been depending on the phone for the details and keeping all the information, but most of it is backed up on my laptop.

Suddenly I went to charge the phone, and I left it overnight. The next morning the light was red not green or orange, I haven’t seen red before so I wasn’t sure what was going on. After dropping it off at the phone place they said it shorted it would cost 35 KD to fix it and a couple of weeks, I thought that was ridiculous. So I’m using a temp phone for now and I’m looking at different HTC phones since I want a light Windows Phone for work.

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  1. Shorted? How did it short? Your Power Supplies too many? What happened..

  2. N: I think from the heat, or remaining outside, it shorted internally.. that is what I think happened. It just wouldn’t charge no matter what I do!

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