Trying to start a business in Kuwait is a real test of patience, I have been going through this for some time now. The problem arises when you run into a problem between government entities. We have been waiting for over two months for one letter to go between them and they have said they lost it. Its really frustrating because its slowing our work, and just costing us more for no reason. 90% of all people working in the government sector are useless, and the other 10% are the ones keeping things functional.

When you want to do things the legitimately the government makes it as difficult as possible for young people to work on their own business. Its really sad that the state of things in Kuwait is like that. And to say that some of them are dirty its an understatement. Sometimes I want to take a bat to these guy’s heads because they just don’t follow any procedure and all of them are lacking manners.

They don’t provide you with clear ways to get things done, so you have to find an office or maktab to help you with the paper work. And if something goes wrong, which it will, they take their time fixing things, and since its Ramadan they go to work less times in the week then usual so it ends up that no one is there when you have a question and nobody wants to answer any questions.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. So sad what is becoming of Kuwait. But you are rather optimistic, 10% are functional really. Out of a horde of employees cramped in an office 1 is doing the job&most of the times poorly in most government sectors. Today I went to do my medical papers&not even a smile or eye contact. They totally ignore you. Nevertheless, they have the nerve to hang “الابتسامة في وجه أخيك صدقة” sign!!! *no comment* I wanted to shove the paper in her face. If you ever decide to lead a beat-the-hell-out-of-‘em crusade, I’m in ;)

    Good Luck with your business

  2. Hathi lekwait sal 3ala il neby,
    Hathi lekwait sal 3ala il neby,
    ihya deeratna.. ihya deeratna,
    ihya deeratna oo feeha ilee naby!

    Hatha il ziman, okhooy.. Sub7ana ilee ighayir wala itaghayar :(

  3. LetmeGo

    “90% of all people working in the government sector are useless, and the other 10% are the ones keeping things functional”

    That is SO TRUE my friend,very true!My work takes me to the ministries and other govt.bodies quite often,like almost everyday.There are times I would run between ministries just to get a signature from a mudheer who is always on “leave” and also sick of hearing the bukhra inshallahs! Sometimes I wish I was like Arnie in Terminator, just crack out my shot gun,put in other their fucking desks and then do the talking cuz those lazy fucks just won’t budge the nice way!

  4. this is all common in arab countries….except Dubai i guess

  5. In Lebanon we have people specialized in finishing your papers, you give him an amount of money and he jumps from one employee to another bribing them until they finish everything, and he takes the rest of the money. So basically corruption created jobs! :P

    btw, you are #60 on the list of corrupted countries (1 is the less corrupted) and you have a score of 4.3/10.

  6. pop a few Vitamin W pills and things will go as smooth as a babies behind :)

  7. maryam: I can understand your frustration! I would have thrown a concrete block at her for sure!!! Thanks!

    This Lady Says: I know what you mean and its sad!! Wain ikwait awal!

    LetmeGo: I know they are horrible and its annoying me very much! I want to kill some of them off!

    MAZE: Nope it isn’t like that every where, here they are just very annoying!

    Eliedh: We have people like that in Kuwait, but this is just getting rediculous that they are stopping everything because of paperwork they have to finish! And I’m not surprised how high up we are on the list!

    Laialy: Thanks!

    eshda3wa: looool!

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