Apple iPhones – Bricked


Apple has gone through with their threat, they have made all Unlocked iPhones “permanently inoperable” with the new security and Wifi feature update. Reports are coming in that the iPhones are completely useless and you can barely make an emergency call and it isn’t covered under warranty.

Even trying a work around of installing new AT&T Chips isn’t getting the iPhone. This is going to be another challenge for the hackers to work on but those who have updated and their phones have bricked then they are out of luck.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. The bricked iphones can be brought back to life .. nothing in the software end should make it ‘permanently inoperable’.

  2. The firmware can be flashed and you can go the old firmware and still be able to use your ipone . So it’s nothing major ! In order to upgrade to the latest firmware upgrade apple released you’ll have to wait for while .

  3. I just don’t understand WHY can’t people just WAIT to get the iphone on time?!

  4. wait for the hackers, trust me.. its a matter of no time

  5. the crackers will prevail, fear not..

  6. K: Well I agree, but that is what Apple is saying!

    G-Funk: Apple is taking a different view on it, but hopefully flashing the firmware can fix that!

    Shayouma: When you try it for the first time its addicting!

    Moey: That is true!

    N: I just imagine a guy selling his couch to buy crack! lol!

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