Halo – Last One Standing


On Oct 4th on the Discovery Channel there the first showing of Halo – Last One Standing. It is the TV version of Halo 3 with all the action and suspense, and the soldiers fighting to give Master Chief the opening he needs. Take a look at the Discovery video link below to get a preview of what the show is going to be like, I’m very excited because they have done an excellent job transforming it from Console to TV, I can only imagine what the movie is going to be like if the TV version is this good.

Link: Discovery Channel

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  1. This Halo is a hell of success story. They make strong marketing as well.

  2. Bashar: I agree 100%, it is looking good! The game is fantastic so I can’t wait for the damn tv series!

  3. Jason

    The video is awesome, but it’s actually not a halo TV show. It’s just a short 9 minute video. Last One Standing is a new discovery channel game show that has nothing to do with halo, they just used that video to promote the show

  4. austin

    this game is freaking good it kills and the blood is great so you should play it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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