49er Pounding


It seems it just wasn’t there game this weekend, the 49ers got the game handed to them from the Sea Hawks. Out of all the teams, I was hoping they could put up a good fight and maybe beat the Seattle Sea Hawks but they didn’t have a chance from the start of the game.

The Seahawks defense crushed Alex Smith from the beginning of the game with the full weight of their defense end. So now the Quarter Back of the 49ers won’t be able to play the next game of his injured shoulder. Frank Gore tried to put up a fight for this game, but he had a few fumbles as well. The replacement QB Trent Dilfer had a difficult time dragging the 49ers out of the slump in this game. The Seahawks just kept playing better at each turn, and Julian Peterson (An Ex-49er and one of my favorite players when playing for the 49ers) sacked the 49ers QB three times, he was playing with a point to get across and he is good at what he does.

I hope they will be able to do something about the next game, this is going to be tough.

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  1. yeah they didn’t do well… interceptions, fumbles, and sacks! :/ i was really hoping they’d beat the Seattle.. on a positive note, i was happy to see that KC managed to pull it off though…

  2. MSB: KC Did good, but the Niners were not in shape! The Cowboys are looking good! And Farve is just throwing them across! This year its all turned around, the Chargers and Ravens are at the bottom when they were at the top!

  3. and Chicago was doing great last year and have hit a slump this year! Their QB just isn’t cutting it..

    Yeah Farve is doing great.. can’t wait for Payton Manning to start breaking more records too! :)

    I hate the Cowboys! :S

  4. sorry, i meant to say: Favre! :)

  5. MSB: I know what you mean, the cowboys are annoying me! They are putting up a good fight though! I was expecting the chargers to do better though!

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