Pyro Pick-Up


After my Julia’a ride I had a few issues which need to be dealt with such as the Clutch. Something is going which is making it very difficult for the clutch to be engaged smoothly. luckily I contacted the TriStar technician and gave him a full description of what I was doing and what was the result. Even after a 140 Km ride I knew what wasn’t wrong so that we could rule a few things out. I ask him to take it for a test ride to see what I’m talking about, the clutch is a bit jerky so hopefully they can solve it for me because the weather is just too nice these days not to be riding. As soon as I shut the phone from the technician the Tristar driver called me up to pick up the bike, with them everything is automated and I love dealing with them. They make things really easy, and hopefully they can fix this so I can ride on the weekend. Now to try Robo out and see if he is having any issues which need to be sorted out!


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. it’s been a week where i’m riding my bike everyday

  2. Hey Marzooq, check out my blog, I posted an intersting video from Fifth Gear on a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera vs Ducati 1098 showdown.

  3. (Niners not doing so great!)

  4. jewaira

    Happy riding Marzouq!

  5. wat the haiiiil
    laish fee discrimination!!
    abe ALL my comments show!

  6. I feel so sorry for robo, why don’t you ride him any more (that sounds awkward)
    poor ol’ chum

  7. vampire: Fantastic, I wish I had the time!

    Hellraiser: oohhh.. very nice!!

    MSB: I know.. they got pummled!

    jewaira: thank you!

    eshda3wa: I have no clue! I checked spam but its not there! I think your keyboard might not be working! loool!

    Laialy: Don’t worry its Robo’s Weekend! hehehe!

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