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After a long time of procrastination I managed to my hands on an extra drive for my HTPC, it only had a 74 GB Raptor Hard Drive. I sort of forgot that I might need an extra hard drive for it, and I have been running movies, TV shows, and anime off my Seagate External HD for this whole time. So now I just have to wire it up, format and get ready to dump a ton of material on it.

I picked up Western Digital 750GB 16 MB buffer Hard Drive for 75 KD but you can get online for less. I saw the purchase in front of me and decided to go with it since I know it had good reviews and I didn’t feel like waiting for it to arrive from an online order.
Price: $200
Price in Kuwait: $270

Link: NewEgg

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  1. That’s still not too bad! The prices are dropping fast and soon, gone will be the days of “Gigabytes” :]

  2. lfc-q8

    what vid card do u have in ur htpc? im thinking of building one i need a good card what do u suggest?

  3. Yep prices are phenomenal! It is becoming less and less of an issue right now which is perfect!

  4. AL


    Check some stores in Hawally area… for Nvidia Gefore 7000 series

    cards. Even though the latest ones by nividia are the 8000 series

    which you can buy online btw. If you have the money go for a

    Nividia Geforce 8800 GTX. (EXTREME!! performance seriously)

    Tip: If you are shopping for PC peripherals here in Kuwait. Make

    your self look like an expat. And not a Kuwaiti (if you are one that

    is). That way you wont get cheated!!

  5. 3baid: Yeah we are jumping into the Terabytes soon!

    lfc-q8: I have the ATI 2600 xt HD 256 DDR4, this isn’t the best card but it strikes a good balance between cost and performance. This card is really good for HD processing for movies, shows, and anime. I have it playing at 1920 x 1080 on a 70 inch Rear Projection LCD and its doing amazingly. But if money is no issue then go for the 8800 GTX 768 MB.

    N: Correct it is dropping, hopefully it drops faster.

    AL: you can work deals even if you look Kuwaiti, I always try to figure out what I want to do, and then I ask around a lot and see what I can get.

  6. lfc-q8

    guys but if i get the 8800 it only has dvi port no hdmi …? older ones have hdmi and dvi ports

  7. can always get a dvi to hdmi connector since they are the same thing but hdmi has audio going through it as well, and since this cable is digital no need to go for a monster cable any cheap one will do the trick since digital has way far less degradation than analog so your signal path wont be blocked off losing attenuation and such

  8. lfc-q8

    so then ill need to run optical for audio?
    do u recomnd and place in kuwait that can bulid a good pc for both HT and games? with the best components? or should i just order a dell?

  9. lfc-q8: I currently you a monster dvi to hdmi cable with works fantastically. That is what most recommend, don’t get the HDMI cards they are horrible!

    TAT: Well said, its true any capable will do for DVI to HDMI cable. And I think thats the best solution but getting a high end card is a must!

    lfc-q8: yes I run opitcal for audio the A/V reciever so it comes out in 5.1 DD. Don’t order dell, you are better off building it, you can get a Zalman case and build your components at professional computer but you have to install the right software and make sure the drivers are updated. Do it yourself will be better for you so you know what are the softwares that are installed.

  10. lfc-q8

    i guess ill need to visit professionall soon but i know thier over priced… i know when i get it from dell it will have all genuine software on it

  11. lfc-q8: You just have to specify it for them. I tell them Original XP, and no copied software, and then I install original anti-virus. I don’t want any problems from the beginning, I tell them keep it clean and they do. Give them clear instructions!

  12. lfc-q8

    Z i went yesterday and thier prices are high and thier specs are not on par with dell
    i guess ill be waitig for the dell xps 420 to com eout later this month

  13. lfc-q8: Whats good about professional is that you can buy parts from outside and then assemble them at their shop. You are still better off buying parts online and getting it cheaper then dell. That is what I recommend. Just get the hard drives and case from Kuwait. The rest from online!

  14. AL

    I am new to this online shopping especially when it comes to Computer perpherals.

    Do you mind giving me a good site that has international shipping.

    thanks :)

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