This is one hell of screen from Sony, and now the OLED screens are hitting the market. The brightness and richness of this screens are incomparible and they are extremely thin. This model from Sony is only 3mm thick, and can probably fit anywhere at this point. I hope they expand OLED screens soon and they drop in price just as fast. For something like this you would be dropping $1700 for this small beautiful screen, but it all depends what you want. When LCDs first came out they were very pricey and hopefully just like them OLEDs will drop in price quickly. HD quality screens for so small.


Link: Engadget

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  1. I love it. As you said, you can place it anywhere which is very convenint without the annoyance of clutter. Thumbs up.. Hopefully they will be widely accessible for everybody

  2. Soon enough they will drop in price, but there’s probably going to be something better when that time comes lol.

  3. Chroma-Trauma: Hopefully the prices will drop soon and they will all be to market quickly!

    N: There is Always something better!

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