Ice Cream Suhoor!


I had this sudden urge after a long day to have some ice cream. I’m not getting enough rest from all the things I’m having to do from work and after futoor. It has become a habit of mine these days to sleep after futoor because I just run completely out of energy after work and other tasks.


So I really wanted some ice cream, and I went to the co-op to check if Baskin Robins was open at around 10:40pm and to my luck they were open and I got my Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. I know I felt damn good after finishing that.




A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Ice Cream is the best to lift up and change your mood.. yummm!
    If you want to try something different, may I recommend those places for you;

    1. Ice Cream World.. Next to Berdawni Palace Restaurant.. They are just different

    2. G-Cafe, in al Beda3 strip, yummy flavor and an amazing service with friendly staff..

    3. Gelato in Sharg, Ahmed Al Jaber Street.. during ayam el fitir (not this month) I usually go down on my break and get me a scoop…. or two :-P

    I dont know if your into frozen yogurt.. if so, try their flavors.. I WANT ICE CREAM

  2. Nawara

    whats a co op?

  3. Ansam: I will check out the place in Beda3, but the thing is 31 BR is conveniently close! lol! So thats why I go for it!

    vampire: nah, Baskin Robins o bes! lol

    Nawara: It is the Co-op society where the supermarket of an area and all its other shops are located!

  4. .. I need my daily Ice Cream fix 1 hour before going to bed. A little treat that won’t affect your diet, teeth and will boost my happiness so that I will look forward to a new amazing day ^_^

  5. I have been sleeping before fitour when I get home and these past two days I must’ve been completely tired because I don’t wake up until 8!

  6. This is not the first thing I wanted to see when I woke up..
    dammit.. lol, ok, i’ll probably try that tonight

  7. Chroma-Trauma: looool! That is good, but I can’t have ice cream everyday even though I want. I need to do it in small boosts!

    Laialy: I agree!

    Jacqui: I’m with you on that, I sleep after futoor and I wake up at 9pm! Its insane!

    N: hahaha, I do recommend it for sure!

  8. jewaira


  9. had it last night for suhoor too :)

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