Giant Flip Clock


This is a unique clock, sort of the like the old school 1950’s clocks which might flip at the old plants. It has an interesting design of flipping numbers and, you will be sure to know the time where it will be located for sure. I really like this design and might pick it up, but i has to have the right place to place it.


Price: $95

Link: Littleclockshop

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Does it make a “tik tik tik tik” sound when it moves the number? If it does, then I want one too =)

  2. chikapappi: lol! I like too!

    Laialy: Yup, I like the industrial look!

    Very.Q8ya: looool!

    Missy: I have no clue, I hope it does!! hehehe

  3. Snacky66

    I bought one of these and love it! It does make a faint tick when the numbers flip. My fear was that the tick might be annoying, but it’s really not.

  4. Very.Q8ya: yup!

    snacky66: Great, I’m really thinking about getting it then!

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