Bike Comparison

I have ridden and owned a lot of bikes over the years and I can still remember the feel of each machine. And I remember why I loved each and every one of them, each machine is unique and has its own character so I decided to rank them against each other even though some are different kinds of machines, but for each machine I say what are the likes and dislikes of each.

My Ranking:


07 Ducati 1098s

  • Fantastic power delivery, you feel the grunt form the bottom, great handling and brakes


05 Yamaha R1

  • Fantastic machine, it was a little tamer with a solid feel to it but it was a bit lacking on power but very enjoyable


07 Yamaha R1

  • A different creature from Yamaha, they have improved in the handling and top end power, but the low end really feels missing, and fantastic breaks


06 BMW K1200R

  • Lots of low end grunt all through to the top, good power delivery, handles its’ weight great


01 Yamaha R1

  • One hell of machine, it took all your strength to keep the front wheel on the ground. So much attitude, I loved it


06 Triumph Daytona Speed Triple 675

  • Great low end power and handling, the finish is a bit lacking but still a very fun bike


04 Yamaha FZ6

  • Great bike to learn on but lacking in power delivery and handling, forks and brakes needed to be upgraded to be more enjoyable

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. You know the pictures you took of these bikes make them so damn appealing. I want me one of those purely for practical reasons, to avoid traffic in Kuwait and to park it anywhere ;D

  2. JoJo

    If you are up-to it check out the TriStar Motorcycle Academy and take a training course ( male & females ) you can e-mail [email protected]

  3. maryam: I know they are very practical but in Kuwait they do make it difficult for sure!

    Laialy: looool!

    Jacqui: The more the better! lol

    JoJo: Yup they do train but very basic there needs to be a more advanced course to really take them out on a regular basis, but as of right now Tristar is the best course available.

  4. jewaira

    Sigh! They are all beautiful…to the untrained eye and non-rider

  5. jewaira: Its beautiful to whoever loves them!

  6. s3ood

    all i can say is dam nice bikes
    i got a ques for u, i plan on taking the TriStar training course in February and my father told me to get an istimara for now. what is it good for will it allow me to practice with one of my friends who has a license or if im alone in a empty parking lot :P basically im asking what is it good for ?

  7. s3ood: Thanks! I would recommend going to training with Tristar first and then riding with your friend only if he doesn’t go too fast. Don’t go with your friend from the beginning because you might feel the pressure of going faster when you aren’t ready for it, and you might make a mistake. Do the training first and then ride on your own for a bit or with friend who won’t go crazy.

  8. s3ood

    ok thanks 4 your help
    after some thought im better off alone than with my friend, he does too much stunts and is straight up crazy. will i be able to ride on my own with just an istimara ?

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