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Spam is following us everywhere, and you can deal with it to a certain degree online. But I have only expereinced SMS Spam in Kuwait, and it is driving me nuts. I’m getting SMSs from MTC, Banks, Financial Institutions, Clothing Stores , and a lot of random places for things that I never subscribed too and its really getting on my nerves. There has to be a clause which requires the telecom company to keep our information private.

Whats happening with the wireless providers is that they sell SMSs by the bulk to people paying for advertising and then they flood our phones with these stupid ads. I wish I could sue them for telemarketing crap and then they would learn from that, too bad going to court means a 5 year get your case heard and another 10 to get it resolved.

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  1. lol.. tell me about it! I’ve been suffering from this since forever. I tried contacting my mobile service provider to tell them that I don’t want to receive any of those messages but they told me the only option I have is to disable EACH company/institute from sending me their ads. That option is useless. Because every single day, a new company/institute sends me a text message. Whenever I disable one from sending me their ads via SMS, another one appears and the same thing keeps going on. I wish there was an option to disable receiving messages from all those companies altogether, not only disable receiving messages from them individually.

  2. Purgatory72

    Yah annoys me and I was wondering how they got my number!

  3. Amjad: I wish there was a law outlawing it if the person doesn’t want it! Then we could sue!

    Purg: I have no clue how some of these places have my number! Now I never give my number to these places unless I want a technician to call me back or something!

  4. The way it works is that the companies or etc go to MTC and wataniya, and make a advertising deal, then MTC does their process to approve etc the content of these messages, then they get sent in bulk. I heard this from someone who works at MTC..

    MTC is allowing this to happen.. sending you stuff you don’t wish to receive, and they know ppl can’t do anything about it, they’re getting their share anyway!

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  6. I wonder if it’s random! or maybe target marketing! or at least they might think of it that way

  7. elmuseeba ina i run to my mobile when i hear the sms tone.. only to find out ina its “them”!! and when its an important msg it seems to be almost always late and stuck in network or i left my mobile ow madre 3anna!

    does it work if u disable info topics or index blah thingy like on old mobiles?

  8. N: I know, that is driving me nuts! They are getting revenue from us but at the same time they are not giving us the choice or good service!!

    Anything Goes: I agree with you 100%, we should fight!

    Laialy: No, they do it by bulk no real targeting! and its annoying as hell!

    jiji: No it doesn’t they still keep sending because it comes as a normal SMS sent by the system just like any other SMS. Really annoying!

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