Texting Non-Stop!


Its funny during Eid and all these occasions I think MTC/Zain and Wataniya make piles of money from all the text messages being sent to every other person they know in their phone book. Some people go to their phone and click select all for the names then they hit send. They send a text message to everyone they know which is insane. I stopped texting people from last year during these occasions, I prefer to call.

The numbers add up very quickly, and during this time they make a nice amount before the end of this month.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I don’t participate in this crazy mobile texting frenzy, and I don’t mind admitting that I don’t. I just find it pointless and I’ve probably seen you before leaving so I probably already wished you a Happy Eid so why bother texting it as well!?

  2. i never sent a greeting txt in my life (-_-) “

    the txt’s didn’t stop and it’s annoying me,, couldn’t sleep last night bcoz of the late night txt’s

  3. This is what I did this year, I called people, had to reply on some text but all in all I think that sms’ing is a waste of money! and i could not get red of it 100%

  4. i have a policy against celebration msgs.. NO REPLY.

    if i want to say something to someone i care abt id call.

  5. i didn’t text many this eid … i am just not in the mood

  6. Ay 7 in the morning!! I got one today at 5.34 am!! 6ayyart elnoooma min 3aini kent nasya i switch it off >___

  7. chika: Its all the delayed texts!

    Jacqui: yup, that is true!

    vampie: Thats good, don’t start! I put my phone on silent from all the damn texts!

    Q80-ChillGirl: I know what you mean, texts are good for quick msgs or if someone is busy! Not flooding like this! It doesn’t even go through!

    Ms. D: Exactly! Same policy!

    Laialy: I agree! Especialy from the states, not all goes through because of the crap service in Kuwait!

    Vixen: lol! I sleep like a tank, nothing wakes me easily!

    Ananyah: I told you its a better phone, still working great!

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