A Needed Mini-Vacation


When you have long weekend sometimes you just want to relax and catch up with the smaller things, and that is what I managed to do on this mini-vacation. The weather was good, the streets weren’t too crowded, and I didn’t go out much since I had so much entertainment on tap to catch up with.

  • I managed to get a good amount of riding done, even though I should have done more.
  • I watch copious amounts of Anime.
  • I played Halo 3 as much as humanely possible but I’m still no where close the rankings of other players because they don’t seem to sleep and play on XBox Live non-stop.
  • Visited some family
  • Caught up with some TV, but not enough (Too much Halo 3)
  • I managed to watch some NFL late Sunday night, and I watched them all the way through.

I cleaned up a lot of things such CDs, papers, and all the things I don’t need to keep. I still have a lot to do, I was keeping papers for no reason really and they all started piling up. Its a lot more organized now then before but I want it cleaner.

Overall it was just a pleasant vacation, but some week too the rest of the 3 days off to go for a longer vacation somewhere. I don’t feel like traveling right now and I just wanted to enjoy the time doing the doing normal day to day tasks. I stayed up late most of the days either watching anime, or online, and there was one night of NFL but I still managed to do a few things in the afternoon.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I didn’t do crap! all I did for almost 3 weeks is sleep & eat :D

  2. Sometimes you do wonders in a mini-vacation rather than a long one. I had soooo much fun this eid holiday and managed to do alot of stuff. Your activities are all inter-related. I wonder what you would have done in an age with no TV, Internet, etc. How would you’ve spend your holiday. I am bracing myself to another upcoming 5 day holiday or less from work if they permit me. It is so nice to have the time off while everyone else is at work :D Gives you more space and time ;)

  3. ChikaP: looool! That is a long vacation!

    maryam: I liked this vacation! Everything is interrelated for sure, but if there was no electricity I would be in the water, I would catch up with my books and comics. And I would be riding a lot more! Its a lot of fun, and I have a lot of options to work with. It just depends on what I can do!

  4. Laialy: This is Kuwait!! There is no recycling they be lying!! lol!

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