Pure Exhaustion


The past couple of days I have dead tired by 6 or 7pm, I could barely keep myself awake. I don’t sleep after work because it feels like I’m going to pass out for at least 2 -3 hours because how I tired I am. I have waking up early for work and finishing up all that I need.

Then going to sleep at 9:30 pm is just perfect, even though I want to watch a lot of stuff that I have saved up I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. A few more good nights sleep and I can go back to my normal sleeping schedule, which is basically very little.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. That’s exactly what I did last night, slept around 9:30.. damn felt good! Yeah you should do that more often..

  2. I’ve been sleeping at 11ish which is an hour earlier than I usually do. For some reason I can’t seem to get out of bed in the morning even with 8 hours of sleep which is way more than I usually get.

    At least I can drink coffee in the morning again :)

  3. I went to bed at 10, my aunt called she wanted to speak to mom from MY CELL PHONE! Then I stayed up because my nephew was telling me stuff about his new laptop and I had to pretend I was interested and stayed a while.. the minute I walked to my room dad gave me some papers to fill (forms)… I ended up going to bed at 11:40ish! I am still sleepy… Man I am dead tired

  4. i passed out at 7 yesterday
    just toppled over and slept
    i think its post 3eed exhaustion!

  5. jewaira

    Heheh the photo of that guy is funny.

    I guess all of our sleep schedule is gone wonky after Ramadan.

  6. N: I know but sometimes I just want to do things like watch TV or play video games!

    Morbid Curiousity: lol, I ran into that some time ago but now I am wide awake at 5:30am! Its insane!

    Ansam: Then get some sleep and switch off the phone! I have the ability to ignore ringtones very easily!

    eshda3wa: loool! 7 3aad, I can’t do that! Not that early!

    jewaira: I knowa, I was laughing! Wonky is an understatement in my case!

  7. I fixed my sleeping patter as well
    Kinda wakeup at 8 and head to bead at 10 which is pretty reasonable

  8. tell me about it heehee I leave my phone in my room all the time. I dont take around the house with me. Even better, its on ring once most of the time. So I am covered there.

  9. Laialy: Now my sleeping pattern is getting back into shape!

    Ansam: looool! So you don’t answer your phone! Hehehe.. I just don’t wake up even if it rings!

  10. shakla nomik thigeeeel :-P But really mashalla 3alaik you work six days per week!! a one day weekend cant be enough for me… and akeed you are too tired to wakeup and answer your phone

  11. Ansam: Wala thigeel min el ta3aab! If I really want to wake up I do! Its that simple!

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