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Before placing my Vehicle Sound System order from Amazon I did the usual and searched the local market for what they might have and what they don’t have. I wasn’t really that surprised, but I did searches for all the serial numbers that I got for the different brands of Pioneer, Kenwood, Alpine, JBL, and a lot of other kinds I didn’t even know. I always go Shara’e Al Zeena in Shuweikh because that is where most of those places are together and I went shop to shop asking questions. I would ask a few questions about the products that they have then I ask detailed questions to test them, after a few days of searching I only managed to find one shop which is decent and has some quality products, I will be purchasing the high gauge wires locally as well as all the terminations.

I found some interesting information, most of the audio products that we have in Kuwait are from Hong Kong and Australian standards, nothing was from the US Markets except for a few stores which brought them as one off pieces for show. They only have the low end products all priced from 10 KD up to 45 KD, nothing was more then that. The reason for this is that most customers in Kuwait go for low quality items and they want the cheapest combination possible. Those who do want quality items tend to order from outside of Kuwait because of the lack of availability i Kuwait. The vehicle modification market is a huge market, but because of the lack of quality it isn’t being capitalized on, and since the products are cheap the quality of service will remain low.

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  1. wouldn’t be easier if the company doing the modification would order the product for you?
    they should at least have such an option

  2. Take my advice and do not install your sound system in shwayek! If your wondering why its because when i installed my new speakers in my car the honestly F***ed it up!
    I know a shop which actually can do a good job its named zahrat al naseem its beside al raya mall. The guys which work there are the best in Kuwait its well known. go check the place out, you wont regret it.

  3. SoS

    We have Blaupunkt & Audiobahn in Kuwait,give the authorized dealers a try.Ab makes real good quality woofers and bass cylinders,since ur into rap the cylinders will pack a punch to the overall effect.

  4. Laialy: The thing is in Kuwait very few of these places know how to order from the states, because they rarely do it. Kuwait isn’t a total services industry yet, so not everyone will go into it!

    Linus: I have a few checks in place to see that people get it done right, so I’m not worried about them messing it up. If they do, then they don’t get paid. I will check out zahrat Al Naseem, hopefully I will be able to find it!

    SoS: That isn’t the makes I’m going for, and oddly enough the dealers in Kuwait don’t know how to tweak and test a system for quality. I’m not really going to get any woofers since I get enough bass from the component speakers, I just want to hear good clear music.

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