211 + 1 .. Riding


I woke around 8 am, and I really wanted to go riding and since it was early enough I knew I could go in different directions. I went straight to gas station to fill up and from there I headed south to Julai’a. It was an insane ride, the road was mostly empty so I was testing a few things as I was riding. I like taking Fahaheel Highway since the highway curves at different points, and at high speed those curves are a lot of fun. As soon as I came close to Mina Abdullah I took the inside roads because they are so much fun, the curves are what makes riding so much fun, some roads go up and some down. I was getting pumped up just riding in those empty roads, and the weather was a mix of cool and hot, it felt like there was no decision and I was just riding in the direction of the road. My first stop was Starbuck Julai’a, and I made there in 23 minutes since I was averaging around 220 kph on the highway.


As soon as I got to Starbucks there were a few people there for early morning coffee. I was just going to order a frapacino until I saw they were making a delivery of doughnuts, and I couldn’t resist a fresh doughnut. They heated the doughnut for me, so I was reading BoingBoing.net on my phone while eating the doughnut and drinking the cool drink. It felt great, and I knew it was just the start of the ride. As soon as I was done, I got back on the bike and headed back up north. The funny part about riding on the highway on a motorcycle in Kuwait is that there will always be someone who wants to race, and some varied machines come for the challenge. The first car was a new Carrera 4S, and he was pushing his car and I was enjoying myself, then I put some distance between us. Another car came up later in the day, but sometimes you can’t resist a challenge in the right circumstances.


As soon as I got to the 6th ring road I took the seaside to Marina to check if there were any riders there, and to my surprise nobody was there so I kept riding on the Gulf Road for a little while. The funny part was catching a motorcycle and an M5 racing, so I decided to put them to shame, which I happily did. Today was just my day and I was enjoying every moment of that morning ride. Then I continued to Shuweikh and filled the tank up again and continued my ride around Shuweikh. Then I headed towards North even more to see how good the roads are, and from there it was just one hell of ride. The funny part about the whole day is that I forgot the camera’s memory chip but I charged it, and I took my mp3 player but I forgot to charge it. I was in such a hurry to get on the bike that I forgot a few things, but it was still a fantastic ride, I managed to ride 212 km for the day.











A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. the third picture was taken in edbaeya! looks like u had so much fun!

  2. Purgatory

    I am wondering if someone saw you standing there taking pics of your bike in such a remote location what would they think?

    and what happened to the food posts!

  3. that sounds like so much fun! allah iyhaneek inshallah ew iykafeek sharrah… wish i could do that!! maybe one day ;)

  4. hey Marzouq,, i’m back (^___^) “
    no riding without me

    awesome PICs u took there

  5. 3ad today I saw three motorcycle riders, o eshme3na you took pictures in that spot? you love taking pictures of your bike =/

  6. JoJo

    If I were you ,by now I would have taken the hint !! The guy is a lonsome rider.Call me up & I would ride with you if you can keep up !!

  7. Linus: You are correct, in the location and having fun! The curvy roads are fantastic!

    Purg: Some saw me and the looks on their faces is priceless! looool! Food coming soon!

    Laialy: looool!

    Zia: Thank you! :)

    vampire: This weekend bud, now that your back from your vacation!

    Very.Q8ya: Yup I love pictures of the bike in different locations! So I snap away! lool! The spot was nice because of the curvy road!

    JoJo: I ride with people I know, and everyone I know is on vacation! So in due time! looool! What do you ride?

  8. JoJo,, what’s ur phone number ;) and what do u ride

    about Marzouq being a lonsome rider,, i know he hates riding with me bcoz of my slow bike,, lol

    i think my work will be from 7pm to 7am this weekend (-___-) “

  9. vampire: Such Betrayel! looool! So how are we going to ride this weekend end and are you going to be awake? Now thats the question!

    Jojo: What do you ride?

  10. SWOS

    nice post bro, keep it up!

    Just a tip for everyone, just watch it if ur driving before 5 PM since we do have road radars on the road , specialy if ur driving on Malik Fahad going to Julaia,Bnaider or somewhere in that direction..they caught me doing 170KM in my car a month ago, then i paid 50KD waited for 30 days then they let me take my license back!

    either remove the rear num if u want to do it before 5 or try to bend it or something!!

  11. SWOS: I just slow down whenever I see an parked car without a flat tire on the side of the highway. And on the bike they mostly take the pics from the front so no issues really!

  12. SWOS

    belive me i was doing that too! i slow down when i see parked cars,cops..etc but somehow i was busted :P liks NFS :P

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