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This is probably one of the most useful flight trackers I have seen yet. They provide live information about the flight, and if there are any delays. So if you know the flight you are supposed to be traveling on in the morning you can tell if its going to be late or early on arrival, so you know if your departure is going to be late. The input for the search is very intuitive, you can search with multiple feeds. Currently live maps only work for domestic and international flights which are over the Continental US and Canada, for other countries they will give you detailed information about the flight and the status of the flight which is great. You can also review flight times of any of the airlines so then you may

Search Fields:

  • It auto completes for airports and airlines, and they have the full list of both
  • You can enter by destination and then choose from a list of times if the route has multiple flights
  • You can search directly by flight number
  • You can also try a random flight just to see the tracking system, but there have to be active flights in US at the time.

Link: FlightStats
Link: FlightStats – Tracker

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  1. Purgatory

    I posted about this long ago.

  2. When I went to pick up my mom at the airport they had plasma’s up with that information

  3. Old news, been using this for ages on an OSX widget

  4. Great website, thanks!

  5. i used to use to do the same.. btw, u checking out the mich state / ohio st game?! it’s on fire!

  6. i don’t feel like reading the post , ago0l marzouq tabey kakaw? :Pp

  7. Purg: I didn’t see that! lol

    Laialy: That is good, but sometimes you want to be tracking the plane as it is arriving!

    G-Funk: its great they developed the widget for it all. Smart people at the helm of this! So I’m spreading the word!

    N: No prob!

    nibaq(2): At night, you know where! I call shotgun!

    MSB: I only watch a few college games, I try to watch most of the UCLA Bruins and USC Trojan games.

    Zabo0o6a: I don’t do chocolate! lol

  8. Purgatory72

    click travel and see what stuff I have, maybe you find something useful

  9. well UCLA upset #12 Cali, and the trojans shut out notre dame =)

  10. Purg: I will check it out!

    MSB: I know, thats why I love college games! All offense almost no defense! They just keep running back and forth down the field and going lightining fast!

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