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* I took these photos in a hazardous situation since Zain/MTC security came up to me and told me I can’t take pictures of the building from a public road. I wasn’t aware that Zain/MTC is a state secret and you can’t take pictures of the building.

I have been building this up since I’m getting more annoyed with MTC after each and every conversation I have on my cell phone. The company has grown to a multi-national company, they have expanded to many countries across the globe and they are competing with the largest communication carriers. The one thing I don’t understand is why is the cell phone service in Kuwait so bad, and getting worse.

They have increased costs over the past two years for text messages, and they bill you for everything possible. The number of dropped calls with MTC has increased exponentially over the past few years, and the quality of service has been deteriorating. When my phone “supposedly” has full signal it disconnects in the middle of a phone call or it says network busy and my phone call can not go through. Previously that never happened, but now it is happening constantly that my call doesn’t go through. I don’t blame the technical people working at MTC/Zain, I blame the management for not improving the quality of service. They are able to provide more services but they aren’t able to maintain the quality of service. Look at the e-Go, its an inovative product that they rushed to market and so the quality of service is really bad. High speed internet is not meant to be at a snails pace, if you see Verizon or Sprint products the speeds are nothing short of phenominal and it does feel like high speed internet. Even Wataniya’s product is doing better then Zain’s, and Wataniya does have its short comings as well.

Zain is so busy expanding that they have forgotten the local market, and I can understand about globalizing the company under one brand but they should concentrate on the customer. I don’t know what they were thinking or who recommended the logo to them, the name is fine, I think its simple and easy to remember. The colors are something else, who ever put the colors together must have been on LSD at the time and he must’ve been happy with the results. Its annoying and it feels wrong mixing green, purple, and black together to make the logo. I do think they could have done a worse job but this is pretty close to the worst job for the logo. Due to changing all the details from MTC to Zain they have been running around for the past two months making sure its a complete switch over.

I wonder when they will improve their services and we don’t get billed a huge amount of bad quality service. At this rate it doesn’t look like there will be improvements anytime soon.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Usually, its a good idea to re-brand when they want to change the image of the company, but from what i’m hearing and reading people are associating Zain with “mo zain” … not a good way to start

  2. Carlsb3rg

    I hate that old fart in their commercial, the one that says “if you could blah blah then blah blah”. Well if you could fucking shut up you retard and stop saying bullshit that has nothing to do with mobiles then the world will be fine.

  3. Purgatory72

    This is what you get when you hire cheap labour.

  4. Why can’t you take pictures of the building? I don’t get it.. I understand probably a lot of people do that, but why not? What are they afraid of?

    Isn’t there a third company supposed to be opening to increase competition? hopefully, that should make things better right.

  5. Your preaching to the choir! My friends shalaih in jlai3a mako service! or I’d have full service or can’t call or send msgs. To get a signal on our phones we have to do the signal dance.
    Cham mara I’m on the phone having a conversation then I realize I was talking to my self! Dropped calls are so annoying!

  6. Dude..I nearly got arrested for videotaping that fire that happened near my place. (It’s in the papers Sabah Al-Salem fire).

    Anyway, unlike what the papers said, alot of kids got hurt from smoke inhalation.

    Zain ‘mo-zain’ I have a friend working there in corporate and I told him right in his face that the company has gone to hell & blah blah. He agreed and said that they are trying hard to restructure & fix all the problems.


    Anyway how’re you? :D

  7. I will try to make this short…
    First of all, I disagree.. the name is really bad and doesnt reflect telecom. business company. MTC was more prestigious and business like.

    The logo is stupid.. that throw up green color mixed with purple and black! eeek! need I to say more? I would have liked it more if it was orange. Orange is full of energy and eye-catchy!

    Zain is now expanding.. Its in the text book!! When you wanna expand a business you first look at the organization and how stable it is, then you decide whether you want to start expanding it or not. All problems must be solved in your main operations. Also, getting the know-how-to (experience) in all areas and aspects of your main and initial grounds!

  8. i second everything you said, specially about the logo

  9. Exactley .. Zain service has been

    *call disconnected*

    terrible for the past couple of

    *call disconnected*

    months .. I can’t even

    *call disconnected*

    F’ it ..

  10. Long lives Wataniya! Did you know that Wataniya expanded and open in Maldives? I have to admit that the service isn’t the best but I guess its better than Zain.

  11. EniGma

    Now that they’re moving their headquarters to Bahrain don’t even think about getting better services here.

  12. Ansam so you would have preferred it if they had called it “Zain the phone company” instead of just “zain”? The reason you liked the name MTC is the same reason they changed the name. They didn’t want something business like they wanted something consumers could relate to.

  13. I just pray that some company like Etisalat buys the stake in the 3rd mobile company in Kuwait and offers us real service and reasonable prices, like the rest of the Gulf.

  14. Basically MTC milked the shit out of the Kuwaiti market by its monopoly, increased fees etc – I mean don’t multinational companies, REAL companies, efficient companies have the ability to send out an ITEMIZED bill – as opposed to a text message “You owe KD 230” or whatever.
    Apparently MTC did not and cannot send out real bills. If you dont get a real bill how the hell do you know your bill is not laden with ‘extras.’

    It’s funny I travel everywhere in the Gulf and beyond and see “ZAIN” on my phone screen and in Kuwait I still see “MTC” – probably some idiots in MOC knee deep in bureacracy unable to even do that simple modification.

  15. Midoe

    I totally agree with you. They should have known better. Let’s hope that this message reaches some kinda manager and he would take it in consideration. And good job that u “Si7abt Seefon 3aleehom” and took those pics even when they didn’t want you to.

    I think that Kuwait is getting worse everyday. I’m just wondering what will happen to all of us when Kuwait runs out of oil. It’s gonna be a doomsday!


  16. Mark no I dont like the name ZAIN for a telecom company period!
    It doesnt reflect the nature of their business.. might as well change it to SHAIN which is the opposite of ZAIN.

  17. why not improve in Kuwait ? here is your answer

    1- customers in Kuwait are sheep , they do not change service , make phone number movable with customers and zain will have to improve

    2- why spend money in kuwait when you can spend in expanding ?( which is the current theme ,, expand and expand and then more expand
    i think they are expanding at bigger rate than AT&T )

  18. Yikes. In Oman we have one of the worst telecom companies in the world, Omantel. It’s shit because it’s government run. Now the government finally agreed to sell its shares in the company, which is good news. The name that comes out the most as the potential buyer? Zain. Ouch!

  19. we need a 3rd company to improve services in q8.. and Wnet is aight.. not amazing tho

  20. Carlsb3rg

    The reason MTC changed their name because in some countries the term “mobile telecommunications” is not allowed to be used in a brand name, and since MTC is expanding, they had to change the name. As for why they chose Zain, only the dumbass who suggested the name and the dumbass who approved the name know.

  21. “9ali7, you want to come up with the new MTC name?”





    “oh fuck it! I’d like to thank my parents for supporting me……”

  22. @EniGma, yea, I heard about them moving their HQ to Bahrain, trust me, their service only gets worse down here!

  23. For everyone to be this pissed at MTC/Zain they must be doing something wrong… very wrong. And they need to fix it, they are making so much money but not fixing the issues within the company. Thanks for providing more information people, and it seems they will be moving to Bahrain soon.

  24. shaih.

    Though you have to admit, regardless of their lousy service, they do have one hell of a marketing team.

  25. Conavar

    Actually they dont have a hell of a marketing team. They spent between 2 and 3 million Kd on this marketing campaign switching from MTC to Zain and from most of the feedback its been a complete failure.

    The reason they choose this name was they had it checked for languages across the world and it doesnt have any negative meanings in other countries .

    The logo as most stated and agree is ugly , the black green purple combination is a tasteless disaster imo. If you noticed they where so bad that they sometimes had in the same newspaper, on the very same issue that crappy teaser add that only shows part of the logo, and another add with the full logo.

    The funny thing is that there best customer response from changing to Zain ( before they did) came from the Sudan and important area for MTC , and as soon as they go and change things around the Sudanese government sells off a third mobile license and moves all government employees accounts to third license( a real slap in there face), and a major blow to there Sudan operation.

  26. shaih.

    That was helpful, didn’t realize they were hitting rock bottom. However, I was mostly looking at it from another angle. Negative or positive reactions aside, the company received publicity. Everyone’s talking. Still are. I am a marketing student, I was mostly looking at it from that angle and it was refreshing to see ads that don’t spell anything out to the public as if we were toddlers. Many of my professors were frustrated at the state of our commercial and marketing programs. They kept stressing that our ads were all unimaginative and very straightforward. They shouldn’t need to tell their potential targets to buy the product, the customer should infer on his own.
    I am actually the only one from my friends who enjoys the Zain ads, regardless of their lousy service…

  27. Damon Dash

    trust me nobody is listening to you said up there , just switch to wataniya and you will be better off , still you wont be the happiest person in the world but at least you will get 1- accurate and truthful bill 2- better network and service 3- a lot better customer service

    trust me i mad the switch years ago and saved a lot and had better service – never looked back

    make the switch.

  28. shaih: With the kind of money they are making, how could they not have a good marketing team!

    Conavar: You have a point there, but you should realize their margins in so many countries is huge. The Kuwait operations on its own funded all the acquisition of all these other service providers, that should tell you something!

    Shaih: You right in the idea that it did have an impact, be it good or bad. In the marketing sense its getting people talking but they may not be happy about it really.

    Damon Dash: I know A LOT of people that switched back to MTC from Wataniya because of infalted bills and lots of mistakes so I don’t think it would be an improvment over what they currently have.

  29. david darlington djan

    i like this building

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