Review: The Kingdom


Militants in Saudi Arabia have been planning for years to attack the Americans in Saudi Arabia, when the attack takes place on American Compound the FBI is sent in led by Jamie Fox to do what he knows best. This movie revolves around the complex balance that Saudi has and the relationship with America. What I find good about the movie is that they do show the complexity of the situation in Saudi Arabia to a degree but they can only show so much. The intricate relationships the FBI develops with the Saudi forces specifically Al Ghazi who lost his men in the attack. He also has to see who from his men or other men in Saudi military are working for the militants. It is an action packed movie with a great story, I recommend everyone to watch it.


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  1. monichum

    Man? you are on a buisness trip ? how come u post a new thing every few sec.

  2. I want to see the movie but its banned in Kuwait! :-(

  3. Watch Rendition (Reese Witherspoon, Jake Gylenhall). It also has a terrorist plot, but it showed all the different perspectives of ppl involved in a terrorist act (both victims & terrorists). Great acting. Involves brilliant international cast. Very moving story too. It showed the good and bad in both the Americans & the Muslims/Arabs.

  4. 4.5 points mean u really liked it,, will definitely watch it enshala

  5. i just watched it yesterday in dubai! :) which theatre did u go to? emirates mall?

    it was great, i loved it.. i loved that they tried their best to remain objective and show the view from all sides/ aspects.. i loved the fact that the Arab in the movie were dressed CORRECTLY! and spoke proper arabic, unlike other movies i’ve seen. and the way they chose to ‘end’ the movie was spectacular in my opinion.

  6. Too bad it is banned in Kuwait.. tehee. (No.. Rly?!) bleh..

  7. monichum: I am on business trip!! Inshagaaaiittt!

    Ansam: I know, its sad that its banned it puts arabs in a good light!

    This Lady Says: I really don’t like Reese Witherspoon I find her annoying! I will see if it is around!

    vampire: Its fantastic!

    MSB: I went to MoE! It was great, and the action was nonstop! It was a spectacular ending for sure!!!

    N: The banning of it, is really stupid!

  8. Personally, I found the actor Ashraf Barhom (who played Col. Al Ghazi) was the only one who took his role seriously, the rest were like on vacation and their characters were cliche as hell. My best part in the movie was the 5 minutes intro. Very well done.

  9. Angelo: Your kidding me! I thought that the guy second to Al Ghazi did a great job especially since he was victim in the beginning!

    Joel Robinson: looool!

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