Service Decline


I have been traveling to Dubai over the past few years mostly for work and things are always changing with more developments and more projects. Service used to be of very high quality at all the hotels and businesses in Dubai, but it seems things have declining for the past few years.

With the expansion of businesses and the population at an exponential rate services hasn’t been able to keep up. The quality of employees have also declined, I have learned that a lot of people have left Dubai to work else where even if they earn less but its less expensive then Dubai.

At a lot of hotels there have been screw ups and mistakes at different points such as vehicle reservation, airport pick up, room extention, and that is only at the hotels. I have been told by friends living in Dubai that you have to beg the dealership to look at your car if you have problem since they sell more cars then they can service so it is an issue to have them fix any minor issues. It takes effort to get good service, and now with more volume the service level has dropped.

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  1. babyblue

    I’ve been going to dubai 6 to 7 times per year for pleasure mostly for a long time and the service sucks!!…..even cab drivers r ruder and they talk back at u….and the lines and lines waiting for a taxi in the malls…and the traffic gam!! i was stuck in the taxi in traffic for 1 hr near the airport and didnt reach in time for my plane…..and i remember once 2 yrs ago we had to wait for our lunch for 2 hrs in the rest. and then been told the kitchen is closed!! i had guests with me..and it was the parkhyatt in its opening yr!!…(and the prices of hotels doubled like there is no 2moro!!!) it makes u consider going 2 europe for the weekend and it will stilll b cheaper at the end.

  2. babyblue: You are correct the cab drivers have gotten ruder which is really annoying, and waiting for lunch for that long is really unacceptable! That people are losing their value for service in Dubai!

  3. It has become more of quantity rather than quality in terms of service people and labor. It certainly doesn’t look good. They’re growing WAY too fast.. I think the whole country should at least slow down a bit.

  4. Well it seems 4 stars hotel no longer provide at least decent service. You better go to 5 stars hotel…or maybe 7 LOL :D

  5. N: I agree they are growing at such a fast rate and a few things are falling through the holes!

    Angelo: yeah, thats an understatement!!

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