Working Weekend


I have managed to go the movies over the past couple of days but it has been insane the amount of meetings I have been going to. I start early morning around 8am and finish around 9pm for three days in a row. There have been a few breaks in between the meetings but still its exhausting. By the time the day is done I just go to my hotel room and want to pass out, one day I just went to Mall of the Emirates because I wanted to pick up a few things before leaving but still it was an exhausting trip.

There isn’t enough time to even surf the net I’m so tired, I just want to go to bed after getting back to the room and the traffic in Dubai exhausts you even more at the end of the day. There was one day where I almost fell asleep while taking a shower because it felt so relaxing. I’m happy to be home and in my own bed.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. 1. Welcome back
    2. I totally feel for you, this is even worse then my cardboard cut hehehe

  2. Laialy: Thanks! loooool! Its just one of those days!

  3. 7emdellah 3al salama. Man.. that’s one exhausting trip! We’ve been having meetings from 9 – 4 the past week or so, and I could tell you they are exhausting! I actually start dozing off during the meeting loool! I even got my PSP to mess around during the break, to get my mind off things haha! :P

  4. N: Alah esalmik! Your kidding me! You play the PSP at work, I wouldnt even think of doing that! It would be difficult to get away with! I try my very best not to doze off in a meeting! lol

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