Dishdasha Phenomena


Business in Dubai is very interesting there are lots of meetings upon meetings upon meetings. Its really good how much work they get done, and the tools they have at their hands to get things done. The one thing that I did find odd is the lack of Emirates working at all these privates companies, I went to three major companies and I saw none. I was told that one major company had a group and they were group but that was it.


When I went to all these meetings I had a dishdasha for everyday and I had an extra one just in case of any accidents. At every building that I went to I got the weirdest looks in the world. People were staring just above their cubicles and I felt like they were staring, it was the weirdest sensation. Even my coworkers were saying that it was strange everyone was staring, its as if they haven’t seen a person in a dishdasha. It seems they don’t get too many people in a dishdasha coming by or working there. Its funny even a few people asked if I was some special person visiting, I got used to stares and just laughed it off. Still I think its a loss for Emirates not to work at so many of the good companies they have to choose from.





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  1. Love the pics! Where is that?
    And did you go to chill out?
    3ad you know what? I think the dishdasha laha haibat-ha bel Kuwait and I dont know about Dubai bes 7asafa its such a loss of identitiy!!

  2. Purgatory72

    yah you should dress like the locals ;p

  3. Corolla Man (AE86)

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  4. isn’t dishdasha getting a bit old? :/

  5. I found your experience a little bit odd. I mean even the She5 who is behind the formula 1 in Dubia (he happens to be a racer too) always wears a dishdasha. I mean Emirates businessmen usually comfortable with their traditional clothes. Although your observation of the lack of Emirates definitely make sense regarding this “phenomenon”.

  6. So if they’re not working there where are they working!?

  7. Muffy

    You’re right and as an Emirati woman i go into a lot of these places for work and i get the same stares cause i wear an Abaya .. In the beginning my boss actually had to ask me if it was ok with me which i found very strange .. The government sectors are filled with dishdashas but notsomuch private,even if there were locals working there (not more than a handful) they go to work in a suit. i dream of working in a nice company in the private sector which gets me sympathetic glances from those around me like why would i want to :S .. it’s sad because when u go to nice places around Dubai or even Abu Dhabi u feel foreign in your own country!

  8. They live and work in GCC countries , and this is what we wear . and they should get used to it !

    Muffy, i understand what you mean .

  9. emirates towers?? that’s where i stayed! :)

  10. ok i got excited by the pics and forgot to comment about the real topic.. i, on the other hand, saw lots of dishdashas in the meetings i went to.. and very good/enthusiastic emirati men trying to make a name for themselves. i was impressed.

  11. a7la shay inna il pics have nothing to do with the post :)

    if i ever go to dubai for bussiness, i am taking a bisht!

  12. its weird considering shaikh m7md is prancing all over the place in his yellow dishdasha looking like a kherai6a

  13. Ahmad

    Are there Emarat’s working in the companies but wearing suits?

    I was wondering because they might want to blend in with the prevalent custom of wearing suits in their business world!

  14. Ansam: A few were at the palace, and a few were at Emirate Towers. Just snapping while meeting with people! Exactly, hel haibah 7ilwa.

    Purg: what locals?

    Corolla Man: Dishdasha o bes!

    Noufa: It will never get old, I have pride when I wear a dishdasha!

    Angelo: You would be surprised, they have almost no presence in the private sector. These guys are at the top of the heirchy you wouldn’t see them in the middle of private company.

    N: I have no clue.

    Muffy: That is very true, and thank you for the perspective. It does give a different view of what is going on.

    Laziale: Its not about getting used to it, its just that there is no local presence!

    MSB: Your kiddin me! lol! That is good, but where were your meetings? Mine were mostly with IT companies, both hard, software, and services, and I saw almost none there!

    Yazeed: looool! bisht 3aad!

    eshda3wa: loooool! Tera he is at the top, not in the internal work of private companies.

  15. ahh perhaps that’s why.. mine were mainly Jebel Ali (JAFZA)..

  16. MSB: That does explain it! lol

    ananyah: hell yeah! lol!

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