Dynamat Delivery


I’m just waiting for one more package to arrive which is the Dynamat Extreme. It is a material to be used in the door and roof lining to absorb all vibrations, lost sound, or any distortions through the material. Its a performance sound deadening material which will help the sound of the speakers be precise in their distribution. It is really imporant, and almost everyone forgets to add it when modifying the sound system. I have used it twice before and everytime it cleans up the sound within the vehicle.

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  1. Purgatory72

    I did not read your post, but the title made me think of this

    dyno- mite

  2. Halicy

    thanks for the tip.. any link to reed more about it? can i find it in kuwait?

  3. Please tell me that you are going to tear everything out of your car and put that stuff everywhere in the car then put the upholstery, chairs, arm rets and all back!

  4. Is it really worth the effort and investment? I mean, the average commute time around Kuwait is 30-45 minutes MAX, can’t you make do with your existing in-car gear?

  5. Purg: looooooooooooooooooooooooooooool! hahahaha

    Halicy: I don’t think its available in Kuwait, but I will post a up link when I put it in my car.

    Ansam: loooooooooool! We are ready for anything!

    STallion: YUP! lol! Under, Over, and everywhere! I just have to get the damn thing!

    Laialy: Its a great addition really!

    The Aggressor: Not about average commute, how much do you spend in your car during the day. At least 1-2 hours for me between all the commutes and it quites things down. The thing is, if I started modifying I go all the way.

  6. Halicy

    could it work also as ” 3azel 9oot” from the outside noise?

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