Review: Grosvenor House


I have stayed in the Grosvener House a couple of times over the past couple of years. I have tried other hotels in Dubai and none have been as comfortable or as good a service as this hotel. The staff are very friendly and flexible with all the facilities at the hotel.


I noticed that the hotels don’t have a capability to make a booking between each other easily, unlike hotels in the US that usually have relationships when they are in the same city. In Dubai it seems each Hotel is on its own to serve its customers.


The entertainment system in the rooms are very good, and the internet is decent. The room facilities are great, the controls of the room is through a small touch screen system for the lighting, A/C and a few other controls. The bathroom is very comfortable with a large shower which perfect at the end of the long day. The room service of the hotel is fantastic even at 3 am in the morning without any problems, the food tasted great and they were quick to deliver. I would recommend this hotel to anyone who wants service from the hotel they are staying at. When it comes to rates Dubai is inconsistent, it goes up and down without any notice.



















A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH YA EDBAY …… yes the Grosvener House beats
    most of dubais hotels … AND THE DORMS :P i stayed there when mama was in town
    to visit me …. their showers r amazing ( :P ) umm serivce 7agahoum is OK not the best but alright ….lool if u ever go to the business center ull find things i saved on the comp their cuz i always forget to bring the charger 7ag my laptop :D:D ( typical me ) … KEEP UP THE GREAT POSTS I ENJOY THEM

  2. How many dirhams a day for a double room ?

  3. Looks very very fancy!

  4. sea view? creek view? golf course view? and rates?

    lol marzouq ur living my dreams :p

  5. lfc-q8

    hmm Z i can see the camera on the desk hehehehehe…. are useing the phone camera?

  6. That looks so neat and relaxing … i could just stay in that bed for a week and I would be GREAT!

  7. Sushi

    Did you ask them to take the bed cover off? I’m surprised because whenever I go to a hotel I tell them to take the covers off and just leave the sheets. I feel sometimes they’re dirty. I didn’t think anyone else did that too lol.

    Looks really good, esp. last two pics with sun playing shades.

  8. babyblue

    had a bad experience with them ..never stayed there again….i think hotels when they first open need that adjectment period for 6 m or so b4 we should stay in them…i stayed around the time it first opened and it was adisaster..juice glasses forgotten in the bath for 3 days!! and the elevators takes forever..changed the keys 3 times each day..problems with their money machines when we checked out..waiting while kitchen staff pushed layers of dirty crates infront of us in the was a site for sour eyes..very pretty…but managment wer full of apologys i give them that..

  9. SHAHD: loool! Im happy you enjoy the posts, I always posts all the hotels I manage to stay at on a trip!

    Mark: yup!

    Amjad: I really don’t know, it fluctuates!

    N: very!

    Ms. D: I had both the marina and semi-sea view! I also work 18 hours a day!

    lfc-q8: No I had two cameras with me! I always take two on a trip!

    Laialy: It is VERY nice!

    vampire: yeah, but it gets too crowded and I’m exhausted at the end of the day!

    Jacqui: yes you can! lol

    Sushi: yup! lol! I always do, I prefer it off all the time! Thanks!

    babyblue: yeah, I usually wait for hotels to get up and going before going there. they no need a break-in time. Right now they have been pretty good with everything so no real issues.

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