Red Bull Flugtag – We Did It!


THE PLANE FLEW… at least 7 meters

This was probably one of the funnest things we have ever done.

First Off: Thanks to nibaq for being our pilot, he took a bit of a beating at the bottom. The wind was bad, it was really strong and pushing people to the left because its so strong.

We were at the event form 9 am, and since we were there we had a lot of beverages and helium, somebody had a tank and we were thoroughly using it. A lot of people made fun of our plane, but they loved our team, our heart was in the event and we were ready for the whole mess. All the other teams couldn’t believe that it was our plane, and all the people participating were great people and enjoying themselves.

It is very nice to see events like this in Kuwait which provides a different type of entertainment.

A lot of the judges had some criticisms but we also criticized them for judging based on looks, but the safety judge said our plane was the safest and most comfortable. Also the head of the Red Bull Kuwait and the marketing team said we were the funnest team they have ever seen so that goes for something.

We were on the ramp and about to go, we pushed nibaq off and it flew for a bit and we all jumped. It was one very high ramp, and water was cold but extremely refreshing it was fantastic. After that we felt like we were beat up and the day ended for us.

More blogs will be posting pictures, and videos.. I’m exhausted and I’m hungry, but I have one hell of smile from this crazy event.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I guess you said it right, its about having fun, there is no winners and loosers in such an entertaining event, good job guys main thing you did it.

    Regarding the event, the enclosure was stupid and too high, they should have thought more about the spectators, it started 1 hour later than advertised, which got my kids in a bored mood and the woman presenter vocal cords were a pain in the ass. On a positive note, I did like the mummy team.

  2. K said 10m, and you won…..!!!

    congrats and you made us proud…..

  3. hahaha!
    Sounds like a lot of fun ^_^
    I think “Funniest Group” Should count for a lot

  4. Purgatory

    How much of that was due to his weight?

  5. B

    You guys were great! good job, it was a fun event and it seemed like the people participating really did enjoy themselves!

  6. I was there ! … As a spectator it got real boring ! but im glad you guys had absolute fun!

  7. glad u had lot’s of fun and returned back in one piece (^_^) “

  8. I went there it was over crowded but not too bad :-) WTG

  9. I saw that hehe it was hilarious I loved how you guys jumped in LOL! Hhehehehe and I’m glad it flew if just a bit LOL!

  10. Great! :D Awesome guys!

  11. Congrats! I am glad you all had a great time, that’s the whole point of these events :-) Can’t wait to see the video!

  12. u really flew that death bed :P lool.. i couoldnt stop laughin when i saw it being pushed up the jiser to the ramp :P

    i just wanna know how u came from behind us after the jump? did u swim? or were u brought there..? lool me n my sis wer like: HAW HATHEL MN WEN YAW :P

  13. Mabroook :D maybe next time it will fly futher

  14. ur such an idiot! but im glad you had a good time, u needed a break!

  15. Look!

    Its a Bird!

    Its a Plane!

    Its…Dead Jim…

  16. jewaira

    You sound like you had an exhilarating time good for you :)

    It was quite windy and the water must have been chilly too.

    Good job

  17. Daddyz Girl

    I really did hear from the crowds that u guys were the funniest team while i was there :p

    I totally loved it ! great job guys .. well done :D

  18. omg that is so much fun… i wish i was in kuwait..

    please please can you update us if anyone posted videos and pictures.

    thank you :)

  19. Kuwait2Beirut: I know what you mean, but I think they did a fantastic job with the overall planning!

    EXzombie: it was hilarious! I don’t even know! All I knew is that I jumped!

    Laialy: We were the best group in my opinion!

    Purg: I think 73.4%!

    B: Yeah, it was hilarious! Everyone enjoyed!

    GreY: Yeah it gets boring if you weren’t in it!

    vampire: Thanks! lol!

    Ansam: Thanks! It was a huge crowd really!

    Jacqui: It did fly! And I was the last to jump! loool!

    Amjad: go to Marks blog!

    Mark: Got it! Linking to you!

    N: Thanks!

    Shaymaa: The video can be found at Marks! One hell of a day!

    Ms. D: looool! yup we did! They took us there by jetski, and we were beat up! One hell of a jump from the ramp! looool! We come out of no where!

    SHAHD: Next time we know what to do!

    pearls: You should have came!

    ananyah: It was great!

    Amer: loooooooool!

    chikaP: Nice! did you see us?

    jewaira: The water was fantastic, and very windy! He flew left! lol!

    Daddyz Girl: Lol! Thats good, we had a great time! At least we were the funniest!

    judy abbot: Go check out Marks blog, he has video and more pics! I didn’t carry anything on me that day! It was a crazy day!

  20. It was awesome and I had as much fun as one can have :)


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  23. It must have been really scary making the jump from such a height. Glad to know you guys had a blast.

  24. never laughed so hard in my entire life !!!
    Loved your dance !! who’s idea was to dance 3ala 9aboo7a ?
    oh, and loving your sponsors.. !! lol

  25. It was so much fun hehehe by far you were my favorite team with 4th Ring next and Dragonfly

  26. Nicole: nooo problem!

    cajie: It was freaky, but fun as hell!

    Peony: That would go to nibaq and the guys! I thought it was great too! Had nothing to do with the plane!

    Jacqui: Thats is for sure!

    MAZE: Thanks!

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