Rude Awakening


Wednesday night I left work around 9:00pm and went to my cousins dewaneya wear only two of us sat there for a bit. I had a lot of work so I stayed late, but then I passed by my cousins since I was hungry and I knew there would be food. I honestly got dizzier by the minute so I left early and went to Zait & Zaatar to pick up a few sandwiches, and when your hungry you tend to order more then you really need.

I was happy to get home and eat some food while watching anime. I was very happy after finishing the meal and about an hour and a bit later I was asleep around 11:15 pm because I was so tired and full.

Then around 5:15am I woke up and felt something very strange and within seconds I felt pain in my chest, I got right up. I knew what it was after a bit, it was a lot of built up heart burn hitting me one go. My fist was clenching my t-shirt and I knew I couldn’t do anything about it. I drank some cold water but that doesn’t really help. So I got up to walk around but that didn’t help much either, so I walked out of my room to get me a fresh yellow apple. After eating it and drinking some water the pain started dying down after 5 minutes, and I did feel better. It was all my fault and I wouldn’t want to repeat that mistake again, it was a freaky feeling to wake up to.

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  1. User

    Did you pray salat alfajir? lol :P

  2. Man, that’s an awful experience. Glad you are OK buddy.

    Where is Pepto-Bismol when you need it?

  3. Oh man! thats a bit scary … 7amdilah you’re ok
    There are these chewable tablets that supposedly help with heart burn that my parents always have around … let me know if you need the name

  4. Salamat hon I hope you’re feeling better now!

  5. Salamat ….. and if by any chance u have milk near u chug it down it really helps :D

  6. EniGma

    7up or milk wud’ve helped

  7. Try sleeping on >= 2 pillows and drink a bit of milk if it happened again. Don’t let it happen regularly.

  8. jewaira

    Salamaat Marzouq.

  9. User: I did after taking a shower later!

    pearls: Kufta pizza and the hotdog sandwich!

    eshda3wa: alah esalmich!

    Angelo: Exactly, they don’t sell that in Kuwait. In the US it was always in my fridge!

    Laialy: Thanks, it was a bit freaky! I just knew I had to wait it out!

    Jacqui: thanks, I am! It was just a bad thing to wake up to!

    SHAHD: Milk makes it worse for me! That is the problem!

    EniGma: Milk makes it worse for me, 7up helps a bit!

    mishref: yeah, it doesn’t happen regularly for me! Thanks!

    jewaira: alah esalmich!

  10. Tartooob

    Salmaat bro hehe, IT happens to me all the time, wallah i got F*** sick of it, sometimes I dont eat or drink mathlan pepsi or nascafe coz i know it will come to me, its called حرقان المعدة or heart burning.

    It comes when you drink soft drinks such as pepsi, cola or when you eat and then sleep, specially junk food.

    To solve it quickly and easily, Try Gaviscon or Maalox or A cup of milk ;)

    @ Liaily, Just type them down -_- .. I need them

  11. Tartoob: damn it seems you get a worse case of heartburn then I do. I know what you mean, it does annoying when that happens. For me it happens when I eat mu3ajanaat or something strong, drinks don’t affect me too much! The best thing I tried was pepto bismol, it did wonders for me in the states, but they don’t sell it here!

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