What A Day


I have never had such a full day as this in a long time, it was insane and fun.

9:00 am – 3:00 pm – Red Bull Flug Tag

3:10 pm to 3:30 pm – Shower

3:30 pm to 5:40 pm – Halo 3 (3 players)

5:40 pm to 6:05 pm – Getting food from Ghadeer (4 guys, and entertaining driving on the way there)


  • 12 Kabab Sandwichs
  • 5 Chicken Shawarmas
  • 5 Meat Shawaramas
  • 2 Lg Humus
  • 1 Lg Cocktail
  • 1 Lg Strawberry

6:05 pm to 7:35 pm – Dinner & Movie, some KDD ice cream (We devoured 95% of the food)

7:35 pm to 11:48 pm – Halo 3 (4 players)

What a day, it was really just a great day and you get that perfect sleep at the end of the day.

Halo 3: 6 hours 23 minutes (Social and Ranked Games)

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Layan

    I went to the flugtag it was fun bas zaaaaaa7ma >.

  2. Laialy: I know what you mean!

    Layan: Thats why were there from 9 am! A lot of people showed up!

  3. 22 sandwiches for 4 people?! :-p .. wow, you people eat a lot! haha.. bil3afiya inshallah.

    So Mark ate all the 5 chicken shawarmas or what ?

  4. hehehehe
    glad to see u guys enjoyed urselves at the flugtag… i wish i was there to see it

    oo bel3afya
    im STARVING rite now !

  5. Mohammed

    lucky you and keep going one thing I learned ” grieves come to to you but happiness you go and look for them”. life is tooooo short
    have fun & be happy.

  6. Layan

    btw dont u guys get a lot of lag ib halo 3? coz i get too much lag if im not playing ib server 3arab

  7. Amjad: alah e3afeek! It was needed, he wasn’t even there!

    eshda3wa: alah e3afeech! it was needed after that long day!

    Mohammed: It is what was needed!

    Layan: we do, but it all depends on the day, hopefully it will improve a bit!

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