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This is probably the most useful and productive piece of software I have seen for anyone with a piece of media. All you need is the software and a webcam, you just scan the barcode from the back of the book, dvd, or cd and it automatically retrieves all the information from multiple sources (one of them being Amazon) from the web.

This gives people access to every piece of media you have while having the media itself out of site. You can browse, sort, and search through your digital shelf. You can sync this catalogue with your iPod to take it anywhere, but the one drawback for most users is that this software is only made for Apple. Well worth the price for anyone who wants to organize their media. Even though the software works through the iSight you are better off purchasing the bar code scanner if you are serious about it, but it will be a higher price for the combined items, and you can only purchase the bar code scanner with the software not separately. There is a trail version of the software to see if the iSight works with it, or else just get the scanner to get things going.

Price: $40

Link: Delicious Library

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  1. Soon humans will be bar-coded too and then we wont need to travel with documents such as civil id, passports, and int’l drivers license!!! And then penguins will take over the world!

  2. Sometimes I feel stupid because the technology around me is moving too fast!!

  3. Been using it for ages. Gotta love it . Another thing that makes you wanna stick to your mac . Ehem. “wil 7achee lich ya jara” :-p

  4. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now.. !!!!!

  5. LMAO! Hehehe I’m waiting for that perfect Mac to come around by maximum January I guess. or December depends on how things roll.

  6. Mark: That is one hell of a software! Just annoyed it isn’t available for PC!

    Ansam: I’m down with Penguins!! They are already there!

    This Lady Says: It will always move forward at crazy steps!!

    Jacqui: Damn… I want it for the PC!

    G-Funk: 1 Apple 0 PC! loooool!

    N: If you got an Apple this is for you!

    JAcqui: You are nuts! looool!

  7. Mark: Thanks, it looks like it will do the job but not as pretty! As you said! lol

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