Dirham Monopoly


I will never get used to the Dirham and its value, it always feels like it doesn’t have that much weight to it. When we went to the Gold Class theater it cost 100 AED per ticket, if that was even close the price in Kuwait it would be insane. It feels like your carrying around thousands but if your going shopping that really isn’t much at all and you feel like the money disappears quickly. When I spend 10 KD or 20 KD I really do feel the amount, but with the Dirham it feels like Monopoly Money you can just exchange that 1000 note for a 500 note or 100 note. I will never get used to the dirham, and it just won’t hold the value that I feel its supposed to.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Ayshay

    lol what would you say about the yen!

  2. Thats insane! too much money to carry round … i am so used to the plastic here in the states

  3. lfc-q8

    u need to visit turkey every thing is in millions lol

  4. babyblue

    POUNDS is like houdini money disappears ..wat u withdrew in the morning doesnt stay in ur pockets until night

  5. Ayshay: I know what the Yen feels like because I’m used to it! The Dirham for some reason I’m not! loool!

    Laialy: yes, but in the middle east not everywhere has plastic!

    lfc-q8: loool! Thats too much! hehehe

    babyblue: looool! That is true! But the Pounds feels strong for some reason!

  6. walla mo khoosh khabar!!! I am going to Dubai soon :-P
    I agree.. mo bes KD 20 feha ebreka.. even the KD 1 I swear

  7. moocherx

    You remind me of when I was fined on a tram in Poland for not buying a ticket for my case (the sign was very small and written in Polish). i was escorted off the tram by the police, and taken to a bank to pay the 250,000 Zloty fine. That’s quarter of a million Zloty!!

    At that time, it was worth approximately 4KD.

  8. Ansam: I agree 100%!

    moocherx: Your kidding me! That is hilarious! I don’t even know they have that kind of fine, and their currency is called Zloty! It would be hard not to laugh if they said “Zloty” loool!

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