Sleep Modes


There was just one day that I managed to get some sleep which is Saturday, I wanted to go riding but from the exhaustion I needed the sleep. This time my urge to ride didn’t overcome the need to sleep.

The funny part is that I woke up for every phone call that came on my cell phone, three of my friends called, and twice work called so I slept right away when I closed the phone. I remembered the phone calls when I got up, but I slept right through them and woke up in the afternoon to go have lunch with the family.

The funny part though is my ability to ignore all sounds and sleep through a construction site. I once slept in a samrah (a male music event in Kuwait) right under the speaker because I was tired.

Then there is the other side where I have the ability to jump up and get out of bed right away even if I slept for a few hours. When I go to sleep with something important in mind and I have to get up then I sleep with something in mind so I get up right away even if I’m a zombie.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. ZzZzZzZzZz

    I am zombie-like as well! although I believe I slept well last night!

  2. that is one fluffy looking bed

  3. Switch plz marzouq least thing wakes me up even if there’s a watch ticking , you’re so0 lucky!

  4. That Bed Looks Sooo Comfy…..

    I slept allllllll day friday i woke up at 5:30Pm and i slept at 11PM that was a good day :P

  5. I can’t pick up the phone when sleeping I just have no clue what I said or what the other side told me …

  6. whoa.. the bed is hypnotizing … *wants to jump in it* why don’t u switch the phone off before sleeping?

  7. LOL at least you get to be a heavy sleeper sometimes! I’m ALWAYS a light sleeper. Ya3ni 3adi a7ad yifta7 mamar my room (not my room door) ew i wake up! It’s SO annoying. My family is pretty sensitive towards me though so that’s ok. Iygooloon ina itha balik mash’3ool or it7atee, you tend to sleep lighter, that would probably explain both of our light sleeping! Ana dayman balee mash’3ool ew a7atee!! LOL madri what though, my dad killa iygoolee “it7ateen i3yalich ma3indihum akil?” yit6anaz ; / !!

  8. Ansam: That is good! I know I need the sleep these days!

    joud: yup, but not mine!

    Zabo0o6a: looool! I could sleep through a blasting stereo, which I do!

    Rashisha: It does! I can never do that, with my days off I want to do something all day long!

    Shaymaa: I do! lol!

    Laialy: looooool! I just pick up and my replys are blunt! loool!

    Jacqui: Same here!

    Vixen: I can’t, just in case if somebody from my family wants something, I’m always worried in the back of my head!

    Zia: loooool! Your dad is funny! Bes it is a bit crazy to wake up from every little thing! You wouldn’t survive in our house!

  9. dude, serioulsy, silence the phone when you sleep. you can reply to the phone calls when you wake up. nothing is more important than a long deep sleep with no interruptions.

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